It’s Friday the 13th!  The second so far this year …we still have one more in July!  Weird.  I’m not very superstitious about it though.  In fact, I am feeling pretty lucky lately…Why?

School is winding down.  I finished my honors thesis this week (hoorah!!) and now only have a few assignments, a presentation, and exams to worry about before graduation.  Ahh, not bad…

I’ve had some time in the ‘kitchen’ lately at school!  First making pancakes and filming a video for my community nutrition class.  And making a dark chocolate spread in my experimental foods class.

My plans are coming together for the summer and fall.  Looks like I’ll be staying and working in the area until July and then I’ll get a few weeks off for some vacation before moving to Richmond for my Internship.  I’ll be moving in with a friend for a couple months and am looking forward to her company!

I’ll finally start training for triathlons next week.  My Dad and I are signing up for the Salem YMCA Sprint Triathlon in June so I’m going to do a little training plan for it (gotta get back in the pool!)  I’ll post it next week!  I did this event last year and I am looking forward to training and doing it again!

I made an epic breakfast this morning.  Have you ever had “oats in a jar”?

It’s incredibly simple:

1. Buy peanut butter in a jar.  Preferably one without any added ingredients.  Look for peanuts on the label and nothing else.

2. Eat the peanut butter.  Leave a little in the bottom when you are done.

3.  Make oatmeal.

4.  Put oatmeal in peanut butter jar and top with raisins, banana, and some sliced almonds.

5.  Enjoy the creamy goodness of melted peanut butter in your oatmeal.

Can’t wait to finish another jar of peanut butter!  It should be easy to do since I spilled half the new jar over the counter this morning.  Err… Peanut butter fail.  But now my kitchen smells good!

I’ve got SUCH fun plans this weekend.  It involves two good friends, some ice cream, some sunshine, a DJ, and plenty of dancing.


All-in-all, Friday the 13th can take that because today is my lucky day!


So are you superstitious?!