How-to Hill Intervals

30 minute Speed Intervals with Mini-Weight Circuit

3-Mile Quick-n-Dirty Treadmill Run

Marathon 5 Miler

Hills and Speed Drills 4 Mile Workout


Get in the Pool 2,000m Swim

Quick N’ Clean 1,000m Swim


At Home Full Body Strength/Cardio

Killer Full Body Circuit

Thanksgiving Full Body Circuit

Spartacus Cardio/Strength Circuit

Lean Model Legs Lower Body Workout + abs

Lean Leg Blaster

Another Leg Circuit

PUSH IT weight workout (chest/triceps/abs)

PULL IT Back & Biceps

Upper Body Workout

Gun Show Workout Part I (chest, triceps, shoulders, abs)

Gun Show Workout Part II (back, biceps, shoulders, abs)

Biceps/Tricep Circuit

Blingin’ Back and Abs

Chest/Shoulders Workout

AB Blast

DO This AB Workout


Weekend Playlist – TRI Addition

Senior Year Flashback

Birthday Addition

New Years Eve 2012 Party Playlist