So last night I bit the bullet…broke out my credit card…and signed up for the Richmond Half Marathon on November 10th! 

I figured I might only be in Richmond one year SO if there was anytime to do this race, it would be now. 

Did I mention I moved to Richmond?  …. No? …. I did.


7 weeks till race day is not the “ideal” training period but I have been running 2-3 times a week (for 30-60 minutes) so I can start adding on those miles quick for a jump start.   


The training plan will be better than this summer when I signed up for a half marathon only 5 days away on a whim.  Yes that was fun.


Tin Cup Challenge 1/2 Marathon in Driggs Idaho

My current training will involve three days of running…two days of shorter/speed work runs and one long run.  It will go something like this…

Week 1 (last week) – 7 mile long run

Week 2 (starting todayish) – 4 miles – 4 miles – 8 miles

Week 3 – 4 miles – 5 miles – 9 miles

Week 4 – 4 miles – 4 miles – 10 miles

Week 5 – 4 miles – 5 miles – 11 or 12 miles

Week 6 – 3 miles – 4 miles – 6 miles

Week 7 – 4 miles – 2 miles – RACE DAY.


And let’s be honest I’m not one to stress and stick to training plans 100% so don’t be surprised if there are deviations.  And I may have just made that training plan up 5 seconds ago soo let’s hope it works!

I toyed with the idea of signing up for the Richmond Marathon.  But I may be crazy but I’m not stupid.  7 weeks is not enough time to properly train for a marathon so 1/2 it is. 

Let’s do it.

I have no doubt I can fit in the runs in-between my full-time dietetic internship which I started in August.


…Did I mention I started my Dietetic Internship?….No?….I did. 

I also will keep busy trying to finish an “Ironman Distance Traithlon” held at my local gym.  I have 9 weeks to ‘finish’ an Ironman Triathlon (swim 2.4 miles bike 113 miles and run 26.2).  I report my distances weekly and if I finish I get a free t-shirt…hoorah…free stuff for working out!  I am in the second week of it and will be able to finish the distances no problem.  It forced me to get into the pool this weekend (I hadn’t been in since my triathlon in July ouf!).  The best part about not swimming for a while is getting back in the pool, I loved it.

Things might get a little more complicated when I’m trying to work in the weight program I’ve been following for about 6 weeks so far.  It’s a 12 program by James Wilson which I paid for earlier in the year but never followed through with until now.  Unfortunately I can’t share my workouts (since I paid some mollah for it) but its an awesome program.  I’m on 5 days of weight lifting currently and have already seen gains in how much I can lift.  Strong = beautiful. 


Okay so maybe now is a good time to recognize the fact that I haven’t blogged in almost 3 months!  HOLY ROTTEN BANANA so much for being a blogger.  Thanks to everyone who bugged me about putting posts back up.  I hope to be blogging a couple times a week in between my internship and training (which I will go into more details about don’t you worry).  I figured this is enough/way too much information for you to absorb in one post already. 


So what is the BEST Thing that happened to you since I left off? 

Me?  Hard to say with so many changes but I did turn 26.  Did I mention that?…No?…I did.  26 rocks.


❤ banana.