I was MATCHED to a Dietetic Internship!



(enter shrieks and shrills and laughter and overwhelming emotion)


I spent the day Sunday desperately trying not to think about 7:00 when I would log online to find out if I was matched to a dietetic internship for the fall so I can get my Registered Dietitian credentials.  As I’ve mentioned before, only about 50% of applicants are matched to a program so the probability of not getting one is pretty scary.


I spent the morning with my Dad who graciously visited to keep my mind off things… we went to church and did lunch.  Then got a mani/pedi, finished the Hunger Games (omg so good, seeing the movie tonight!!) and then I couldn’t find anything else to do.  So I worried.  And paced.  And tried to work on a case study for school.  And then I got a beer and tried to relax.

Thankfully at 6:00 my ‘book club’ friends came over for dinner and (hopeful) dietetic celebrations.  I would not have made it through the last hour of waiting without them!

Finally after two years of waiting, it was 7:00 PM on Match Day. Wowza.  I got my parents on speaker phone, sat at the computer by myself, loaded the website, and..


….Website obviously crashing because of the amount of people logging on and I couldn’t get in!!!

So I spent the next 25 minutes trying to eat dinner and enjoy my friends company while sporadically running to the computer, holding my breath, and trying to log in.

Finally the screen loaded…”view your match.”  I thought I was going to throw up…


I’ll be at VCU in Richmond starting August 2nd!!



I screamed, the girls came running, and we spent the next 5 minutes screaming and hugging and acting a fool.  🙂

I am so excited about….

a. getting matched in the first place

b. living close to my good friend Amanda and her husband Ryan and other family

c. still living close to all my friends in DC

e. still being fairly close to home


A bunch of the dietetic seniors met up that night for celebratory drinks!  It was great to be with them since they all knew what kind of pressure and anxiety I’d been going through…since they had the same!

I called the internship director yesterday to confirm my acceptance and will find out more information in the next couple of days!


Until then (unfortunately) it was back to reality Monday…thesis to finish, classes, group projects…but the end is in sight and the future is becoming a bit more clear!


Thanks to everyone’s well wishes for my match day 🙂


I’ll be back with regular-ish posting soon!