Ladies and Gentlemen….bikini season is coming.  (Is it just me or do magazines start saying this in January?!)…Anyway, whether you are worried about wearing a bikini or not, I know you need to be working on getting your legs in tip-top shape.

I am here to help.

Lean Leg BLASTER Workout

Repeat each circuit for a total of 3 times before moving onto the next circuit.

1a. Jump squats x 20

1b. Front squats with dumbbells held at chest x15

2a. Lunge with lift holding dumbbells x10/leg

2b. Alternating jump lunges x30

3a. Plie squat with dumbbell x15

3b. Hamstring curls with stability ball x15

4a. Step-ups on bench with dumbbells x10/leg

4b. Calf raises holding dumbbells x15

Legs shaking.

I did this yesterday after warming up and finished it up with 15 minutes on the stair machine.


I’m off to enjoy the weekend.  I hope you are doing the same!