Shew, what a whirl-wind trip home it was!  I still can’t believe my half marathon is done, VDA conference is over, and my abstract ‘presentation’ is done…and it is Thursday already!  Time is flying, but I won’t complain for now (I find out about my dietetic internship THIS Sunday, it can not come soon enough).

So back to my trip home…I enjoyed Saturday and Sunday after the race just relaxing.  I had a nice celebratory lunch (sesame tuna salad with a Michelob ultra and lime) with my mom Saturday…went out to dinner with my friends Becky and Katy on Saturday night for Mexican…and spent some QT (quality time) with my grandma and mom on Sunday.  No complaints there 🙂  I was in bed by 9:00 every night and loved it.

Spent some time with these two goobers…

…silly girlies..

Monday I attended the annual Virginia Dietetic Association’s annual spring conference.  It was extra special (and nerve-wracking) because I was a part of the “Poster Presentations.”  I’ve worked hard with my thesis advisor to finish up my senior honors thesis on BMI and Academic Success in College Students.

…Hello my name is Anna and I am made this poster…

The best part of the day was being surrounded by all the RD’s and feeling a part of the profession.  I got to meet Kath from KERF too!  Her blog was one of the first I started reading and I even emailed her when I was interested in going back to school to become an RD.

I headed back to school Tuesday and although I don’t have many classes this week (due to professors attending the conference and others) I still have plenty of work to do.  Test today, quiz, assignments due, thesis to finish writing, blah blah.  Oh and as I mentioned before, all of us dietetic seniors are on pins and needles waiting till Sunday night at 7 pm when we find out where/if we were match for our dietetic internship for next fall.

I’ve had chronic heartburn from anxiety for about two weeks.  ugh.  Even typing this makes me nervous so I will stop and try not to think about it 🙂

What is keeping me sane?  

Awesome friends! I did lunch with my friend Elizabeth on Tuesday when I got back into town.  She had leftovers from this Broccoli and Quinoa Mac N’ Cheese recipe and I brought a salad to share.  It was so good!!  Yesterday I did lunch with some girls in the program I haven’t seen recently and tonight I am headed over to my friend Rachel’s house for pizza!  Thank the Lord for friends.

Exercise.  I took Sunday/Monday off after the half marathon.  My body thanked me.  But by Tuesday it was itching for movement.  I hit up the gym for a back/abs workout and some elliptical action.

Quick Superset Back and Abs – repeat each set of exercise x3

1. Wide-grip assisted pullups x10 then Seated cable rows x12

2. Power plank row with dumbbells x10/side then oblique twist with dumbbell x20

3. Stiff leg deadlift x15 then bent over dumbbell row x12

4. Side plank crunch x10/side with 60 second plank hold

I still owe you all a review of LiveFit!  … coming soon…I hope…

Food. Okay, I’ll admit, I have eaten way too many bowls of froyo and ice cream these past few weeks.  That is all well and good and delicious but once I start eating too much sugar, I get more anxious and more cravings.  So this week I am trying to cut out those added sugars.  I’ve also gone back to drinking tea in the morning, not coffee, so I am not getting a ton of caffeine.  More vegetables and whole foods = happier Anna.

Well I would love to stay and chat but I’ve got some more studying to do.  Sorry for such sporadic blogging lately but I imagine that is how it will be the next couple of weeks as all my school work and projects are finishing up.  I’ll try to post some recipes, workouts, and review of LiveFit ASAP.

So how do you stay sane in a stressful time?!…have I asked this question before? … Seems to be a reoccurring theme 😉