In honor of my recent 25th birthday I thought I would compile a list of

25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

…okay and some you might …(a la US Weekly magazine)

  1. I highlight my hair twice a year to keep it a shimmery blonde but thankfully during the summer the sun still brightens it blonde so I still consider myself a natural.
  2. I have a slight obsession with skulls and crossbones…currently owned items include plates, cups, pencils, mugs, scarfs, key chains, and racing specific socks.  I guess it is the goth in me.

    father/daughter racing socks

  3. I love making lists. Like this one. *see #11
  4. One of my favorite songs is Lizzie McGuire “What Dreams Are Made Of”
  5. I don’t use clipless peddles on my bike due to a few bad experiences and now overwhelming anxiety about them…quite amateur but I am human.
  6. My least favorite food is frozen green beans and they completely ruin frozen vegetable mixes.
  7. My sister and I used to dress up and dance behind the couch to the Lawrence Welk Show every Saturday night growing up.
  8. I have a problem buying things just because they are on sale.
  9. I have binders of articles/print outs I wanted to save…one for workouts and weights, another for recipes, and a third for triathlon specific training…I use laminated sleeves to hold the articles…and I rightfully got made fun of this weekend when I pulled out hair ideas from one of my binders.  None the less, the new braided hairdo looked fabulous.  Just saying…
  10. I annoy myself by being constantly indecisive.
  11. My Dad perfectly described my personality as being very type B on the outside (easy-going, laid back) yet very type A on the inside (constantly planning, scheduling) *see #3, 9, 18
  12. I love to read, but don’t be fooled, my favorite books are trashy chick-flick novels…little sustenance and a lot of fun.
  13. In Myers-Briggs testing, I am an “ENFP”…extroverted, intuition, feeling, perceiving…described as “the inspirer.”
  14. I rarely brush my teeth in the bathroom but rather wander around my apartment, usually resulting in toothpaste stains on my t-shirts.
  15. One of my many nicknames is Beans.  It started as Anna Banana…Banana…Ban Ban…Bans…and somehow…Beans.  When I went through my ‘too cool for school’ phase I made my sister stop calling me that *sorry Sarah!

    "Bean Team" Tri Support T-Shirts made by Sarah

  16. Since my field experience this summer I am leaning towards going into outpatient oncology nutrition.
  17. I like to read my horoscope (virgo) in magazines and papers but only believe it if I want to.
  18. I keep a notebook of my daily workouts and have since the end of January.  March 22nd was a full body circuit day which included tricep kickbacks with 12.5 lb dumbbells.
  19. If you ask me if I have seen a movie, more than likely, I haven’t.
  20. I have favorite spoons and forks that I sometimes save or will consider it a special meal if I use them.  It is the little things.
  21. I trained to teach the Les Mills program BodyAttack which I LOVED but a stress fracture put the dream on hold, further put on hold by my love of triathlons.
  22. Although never really in the popular crowd in high school, I was on prom court senior year.
  23. I use the words “random” and “awkward” way too often…I guess that pretty much sums up my life…and this list.
  24. I often talk to my dog Chloe in French from what I remember from high school and college.  Pourquoi?  Je ne sais pas mais il est amusant.

    Chloe - la petite chienne

  25. I spent all morning thinking of these and probably had way too much fun doing so.

...more than you ever needed to know...

So what about you?  What don’t we know?!