I told you I could be bad about sticking to a workout schedule.  Thankfully I still end up working out most of the time, things just get rearranged.

So far this is how the week is panning out…

Monday: ran 7 miles (felt like 27), ab work

Tuesday: back/biceps, swim … did biceps and triceps instead!

Wednesday: chest/triceps, trail run? did back/abs in the morning and trail run at night

Thursday: shoulders/abs, swim  …  will be chest/shoulders and a bike ride this morning

Friday: short bike ride or low-key swim

Saturday: off

Sunday: TRI.

Works for me!

Last night I joined the local trail running group Ridge Runners for their weekly Wednesday night run.  We met at 5:30 and drove out to Hone’s Quarry in the George Washington National Park for a 5ish mile trail run.  The lead guy warned that it was a bit of a climb and he was not messing around (afterwards he said he didn’t remember it being that intense…never trust a trail runner).  Talk about walk breaks!  Trail running turned into bush-whacking as the grass was overgrown on a decent portion of the trail.  I’ve got some scraps and scratches but I managed to conquer the trail.  I will definitely be joining them again!

I tend to share a lot of my leg workouts (you can check them out here) so here are the upper body workouts I have done so far this week and one I’ll do today!  Be sure to warm up for 5-10 minutes before starting.  You can do some walking, dynamic moves, or elliptical like I do.

Big Guns Arm Workout

Repeat each exercise for a total of 3 times, resting briefly between each one

For the supersets, complete the first exercise then the second without resting for a total of 3 times


Overhead tricep extension x15

Hammer curls x15 superset with Triceps Cable Pushdown x15

Incline dumbbell curls x12 superset with Triceps kickbacks x12

My arms were burning after this and my biceps were definitely sore yesterday!

Yesterday I found a back workout on bodybuilding.com (but I can’t remember where on the site I got the workout) but I modified it to add in ab moves.

Blingin’ Back and Awesome ABs

Complete each duo of exercises 4 times before moving onto the next

1a. One Arm Back Row x10/each arm

1b. Reverse crunch on bench x15

2a. Lat pull down x15

2b. Side plank x30 seconds/side

3a.One leg deadliftx10/side (I used a dumbbell)

3b. Dumbbell side bend x15

4a. Hyperextension x15 using medicine ball

4b. Oblique twist with medicine ball x15/side

5a. Reverse grip pull down x15

5b. Plank hold x30-45 seconds

And on today’s agenda…

Chest/Shoulders Workout

Repeat each move or set of moves for a total of 3 times before moving onto the next

1. “warm-up” Push-ups x15 3

2a. Dumbbell chest press x15

2b. Arnold press x15

3a. Dumbbell chest fly x15

3b. Upright row x15

4a. Dumbbell front raise x15

4b. Dumbbell lateral raise x15

5a. Seated bent-over rear delt raise x15

5b. Overhead press x15

If this doesn’t wear your shoulders out, I don’t know what will!

…weight lifting won’t make you bulky!…

I think a lot of women tend to focus on certain body parts when they lift weights (like lots of crunches, some bicep curls, and maybe some triceps extensions) but don’t forget that you should be working out your whole body!  I love doing circuit work and supersets when I lift because it keeps the intensity up and helps the workout move quicker.  Weight lifting is awesome because it will leave you toned, stronger, and revs your metabolism long after the workout is done.  do it now.


Do you tend to work harder on a particular body part?  Or less on another?  I know shoulders are important but I tend to put them towards the end of the week so sometimes it doesn’t happen or a slack on them!