What a nice surprise to be nominated for the one lovely blog award by Heidi! She blogs over at Idlehide (a nickname from her childhood) about health and fitness.  She is a runner, wife, and just graduated from school to be a dental hygienist…amazing!

I was so honored that she nominated me; I still feel like a newbie in this whole blogging business.  She commented that I was an inspiration to her.  Me?  As much as I claim to be encouraging healthy lifestyles by my blog, it’s still overwhelming to hear that I really could be inspiring others to live healthier.  Thanks again Heidi!

The rules for the award are to:

  1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Paste the award image on your blog, anywhere.
  3. Share 7 facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate some other blogs you like for this award.
  5. Post a comment on each of your nominees’ blogs telling them about the nomination.

So it looks like I have to share 7 fun-facts about myself.  Here goes nothing.

1. I was one out of about five kids in elementary school that did NOT receive the Presidential Physical Fitness Award.  I hated running the mile in school (it was the only time I ever ran) and was never on a sports team (unless cheerleading for one year in second grade counts).  Moral of the story: just because you aren’t “athletic” growing up …doesn’t mean you can’t be now!  Just find your passion.

2. Some people say I look like Uma Thurman.  My favorite Halloween costumes have been her as “The Bride” in Kill Bill and then as Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction.

3. I am a PK.

PK? … Pastor’s Kid!

I don’t talk much about my faith on this blog but it is very important to me (and my  health so maybe I should!).  None the less, I grew up in the church and it remains an important part of my life.

4. I have a huge bucket list of things that I still can’t believe I’ve never done like: ride a horse, ski, and visit a ton of cities like Austin, Chicago, and Portland.

Things I have done on my bucket list: white-water rafting, visiting Seattle and Denver, and starting a blog!

5. As I kid, I hated breakfast foods...minus Toaster Strudels (which thankfully my mom would not let me eat as a breakfast).  I always seemed to eat something in the morning though, usually leftovers from the night before (think pizza, lasagna, you name it, I ate it!)  Quite ironic considering how much I love breakfast foods now but I am also not against a good slice of leftover pizza at 7 am!

6. I danced off and on throughout my life.  My favorite types of dance are modern and African dance.  In high school I got to participate in Bluegrass Ballet, Mary Poppins, and the Little Mermaid among others.  In college I was in our Performing Arts Club which put on performances twice a year.  I was never the best dancer but always had a blast!

…some pictures from UMW Performing Arts Club…

7. I was never cool in high school so I was really surprised to be on prom court my senior year.  I think it’s because senior year I finally decided to stop caring what everyone thought about me, stop trying to be cool and fit in, and just be myself.

…high school friends! (I’m second from the left)…

So now onto nominating other bloggers for this award!  There are too many wonderful blogs out there, it gets overwhelming but there are a few that I have found recently that I really love….

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So tell me 1 fact about you?!

And your favorite blog?!