Shrimp cocktail that is(non-vegan alert!)


Yesterday I had the honor of celebrating my cousin’s graduation… She earned her paralegal degree and I couldn’t be more proud of her!  I wish I could show you great pictures of the ceremony, my family, and all the food I ate…but my camera battery died yesterday on the road so I have nothing to show…booo…

It’s family celebrations like these that make meal planning and dietary restrictions hard.  My Mom and I met the rest of the family for a late lunch.  I knew there wouldn’t be gluten-free/vegan options available so I picked up some co-op salad bar with tofu.

Thankfully I did as the menu consisted of hot dogs on potato buns, coleslaw, and some fruit.  With my pre-planning, I was able to stay gluten-free/vegan through lunch…but then the dessert came out…  A little peer pressure and I ended up eating a piece of the oatmeal cookies with a delicious chocolate filling my aunt made.  Not gluten-free but life goes on…!

After the ceremony we headed back to my cousin’s house for a bigger party with family and friends.  My aunt prepared a beautiful spread of fruit and veggie trays, sandwiches, chips and dip, a great big celebration cake, cupcakes and ice cream…shew…lots of food! But the gluten-free and vegan options were clearly limited.  Womp Womp.

What’s a girl to do?

Well pat-on-my-back…I avoided gluten foods (I think) and stuck to fruits and veggies and some shrimp.  I couldn’t resist…it is one of my favorites! I did by-pass the desserts though!

I wouldn’t call the day a raging “adventures in diets” success but it was one of those days that is not about the food but rather family and celebration!  That’s how life goes.


Today I did some grocery shopping to stock up on gluten-free foods and salad stuff.  I’ll be honest, gluten-free products can be very expensive and I am not as ‘thrilled’ with this week as I was last week eating vegan.  However, this continues to be a great learning experience for me in what those with actual gluten-intolerance have to go through.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some gluten-free goodies I’ve found!


Whats your favorite appetizer?  Mine’s definitely shrimp cocktail!

Favorite cocktail?!  I’m not a big liquor person … I’d rather have beer or wine!