Well a last-minute change of plans yesterday had me trekking to Richmond for the night.


Yesterday started with some ‘Mock Cereal’

In a bowl went:

1/4 cup raspberries

1/4 cup blueberries

1/3 cup raw oats

2 T milled flax-seed

Sprinkle of sliced almonds

dash of cinnamon

And it was topped with some unsweetened vanilla almond breeze.

Delicious and refreshing.  A perfect alternative to processed/sugary cereal.

I also had a banana and peanut butter for good measure.

In the morning I got some work done and snacked on some carrots and hummus.

All gone.


No, I did not eat the whole bag of carrots or whole thing of hummus…I swear….

I hit up the gym for some chest/triceps and a 1100m  swim.  Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. 

I almost forgot was lunch was…probably because it was a REPEAT.  Clearly you’ve noticed I appreciate the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  So I had a junk salad pretty much exactly identical to the day before.

Then I was on the road!  But not without some preparation.

Snackage: sweet potato with coconut oil and cinnamon, green beans, hummus, tofu (random),a granola bar, and apple.

And food for breakfast this morning: Ezekiel bread and a banana.

Of course, a water bottle.

Okay, ready to go!

…the sweet potato, tofu, green beans, and hummus were consumed and a fabulously trashy novel was listened to on the drive…

I learned first hand that night how difficult it can be to eat out to eat last night.

My friends and I went to a place called the Tavern and thankfully they had some veggie burgers on the menu but nothing specifically “vegan.”   I ended up ordering a spicy black bean burger with a side salad.

I had to ask for the burger without the cheese or the highly recommended special sauce.  I asked the waitress about it and she did think it had mayonnaise and sour cream in it.  No can do!  She was pretty helpful about the ordeal.

When I got my side salad though it was topped with…Parmesan cheese!  Fail.  Had to ask for another.

Then I had a feeling the hamburger bun was coated in butter before being toasted.  Ugh.  I just removed the bun and enjoyed my ‘burger’ and salad.  Kinda weak but thankfully the burger was good.

It’s hard to tell what exactly was in the black bean burger, but hopefully it was vegan!

More than anything, I also just felt like a huge pain (especially when I am not truly vegan).  My friends Amanda and Ryan did not care at all and the waitress was pretty accommodating.  It was a good learning experience and seemed like a bit of a 180 from eating in the vegan friendly Little Grill the other day for lunch.  If I were to stick with a vegan diet, I would definitely rely on seeking out vegan friendly restaurants!

This morning I got up early, toasted up my Ezekiel and added peanut butter and banana and was on my way.  I stopped at Starbucks and got an Americano (espresso with hot water) and asked them to add some soy milk.  perfect.

Planning and knowledge = key.

I snacked on an apple and got back just in time this morning to meet the crew for another trail run.

Epic again.

I have the scars to prove it.

We went out for lunch after at this Caribbean restaurant downtown.  Scoping out the menu ahead of time, I was able to order this delicious wrap with rice, black beans, avocado, and fried plantain.  I left off the cheese and egg and I had to pass on the special side sauces which all looked like they had mayonnaise/sour cream.

Adventures in vegan eating continues…overall so far so good!  I feel great, have good energy, and enjoy not feeling bloated or weighted down.  However, I realize it does take some planning and can be hard to stick with when you’re around others.


Have you ever felt like a pain when you had to be specific with ordering when you go out to eat?  Do you think its rude?!