It’s not all about the food here at Anna’s Adventures, don’t worry.  Yesterday I hit up the gym for a leg workout.  It’s vegan approved. (okay enough with the vegan references…)

Go do it now.

I started my workout with a warm-up on the elliptical.

Legs and Abs Circuit

Repeat each set of moves for a total of 3 times before moving onto the next set.

1a. Weighted squats using barbell or smith machine x12

1b. Jump squats x12

2a. Weighted lunges using barbell or smith machine x10/leg

2b. Jumping lunges x30

3a. Dumbbell step-ups using bench x10/leg

3b. Reverse crunch on bench

4a. Machine leg extensions x12

4b. Bicycle crunches x30

5a. Machine calf press x20 (10 regular stance, 10 with feet turned out)

5b. Low plank hold with toe taps x15 taps/side

I finished this up with some stair stepper action and stretching.

One of my favorite workouts lately is just this, leg strength training followed up with some stair step.  It is the one machine I use where I actually do one of the ‘programs’ the machine provides.  Most of the time these don’t leave me working hard enough but for some reason the stair machine gets it done.  I just set it to ‘fat burner’ or ‘aerobic training’, set to level 15, grab a magazine, and go.


Do you ever use the programs on workout machines or do you do your own thing?