Here I am, being a vegan.

Do I look different to you?

…joking…its a joke.   by the way, my hand looks scary in that picture.

Confession #1 – Last night I went to the local to-die-for Kline’s Dairy Bar to get their flavor of the week: chocolate peanut butter.  Clearly it is not vegan and clearly I needed to have this flavor.  It was so good and definitely made me question my vegan adventures…

None the less, vegan eating began this morning!

I started the day with oatmeal.  Quite adventuresome.

After the indulgent ice cream sundae I had last night (did I mention I topped my ice cream with hot fudge and whipped cream? no? well I did.)  I kept breakfast simple with oats in the microwave topped with flax seed.

I also munched on some almonds while I cooked my oats and sipped on some coffee with unsweetened vanilla almond breeze after (thank the Lord that is vegan!).

For lunch I made a huge JUNK salad…the usual…no major vegan changes there.  Although lately I probably would have topped it with canned tuna/salmon or some chicken and feta.  Instead I topped it with quinoa, black beans, avocado, tomato, cucumber, broccoli slaw, and spicy mustard/balsamic vinegar for dressing.


I ate my next meal at work…it was an unpictctured vegan burger I got at the grocery store on ezekiel bread with avocado and an apple on the side.

I also brought my next meal to work, but got off early-ish (hoorah) so got to enjoy it at home.

Confession #2 – I was near Kline’s last night because I was stopping in the local co-op to get some vegan goodies.  I got local herb tofu, Vega chocolate protein powder, and tempeh…I’ve never had tempeh before and am stoked to try it.

The tofu is herbed Italian extra firm tofu made locally by Twin Oaks.

I love the flavor and just diced it up with some steamed squash, more Italian seasoning, and a splash of red wine vinegar.

All-in-all a great day of eating. 


Some things I didn’t think about that aren’t vegan-diet friendly:

-parmesan cheese.  (or any cheese for that matter)

-butter.  I don’t cook with it a lot but if I wanted to this week, I can’t.  Obviously its used in a lot of baked goods and foods you’d get out to eat too.  womp womp.

-some protein/granola bars.  Whey protein = from milk.

Learning?  check.  Feeling good?  check.  Deprivation?  not yet! 🙂

Bring on Vegan Day 2!