As I mentioned yesterday, I’ll be experimenting with different ‘diets’ the next month.  Up first is a week of Vegan Eating which I’ll start on monday.

So for everyone’s clarification (especially my own) what is a VEGAN diet?

Vegan –  vegans do not eat any meat or consume other animal products which includes not eating fish and other seafood, eggs, and dairy products

The diet typically focuses on lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds.

For me the biggest change in my diet will be cutting out: eggs (no oatmeal and eggs!), yogurt/cottage cheese, canned tuna/salmon, whey protein powder (might have to invest in some brown rice or hemp protein powder).

I have a few friends who are vegan and a few who have also experimented with the diet and they all give it a big thumbs up.

Of course, with any dietary changes, planning is crucial so I’ve thought through some ideas for eating:

Vegan Meal Ideas


Oatmeal/oat bran

Fruit smoothies

Soy yogurt and granola with fruit

Scrambled tofu

Vegan pancakes/waffles

Vegan overnight oats


Stir-fries made with tofu and lots of veggies

Beans and brown rice

Salads with quinoa and beans

Vegan veggie burgers

Potatoes loaded with beans and veggies


Bean/tofu burritos

Lentil meatloaf or lentil burgers





Soy yogurt with fruit/nuts

Brown bag popcorn

Roasted chickpeas


Thankfully my beloved unsweetened vanilla almond breeze is vegan…making baking a lot easier! 

Here are some websites I will be using:  — good for general information, recipes, and meal ideas — awesome blog by Angela with tons of vegan recipes — tons of vegan recipe ideas — another recipe site (by the way, there’s a ton of vegan recipe sites/blogs out there!) — to find vegan restaurants near you! … Harrisonburg lists Blue Nile Ethiopian café (been there!) and the Little Grill (my FAVorite!!) — in case I need an alcoholic beverage, a vegan alcohol guide – genius!

I’ve already got some recipes pinned and am getting ready to stock my pantry with beans, vegetables, and tofu!  I’m off to the Farmers Market with my friend Elizabeth to see what vegan goodies I can find.


Do you have any vegan recipes or websites to recommend?  Anyone going to go vegan next week with me 🙂 ?!