Well I certainly have some adventures in health coming my way…

Okay technically my life involves waitressing 5 nights a week, working out, and trying to be social when possible.  Not that adventuresome.   SO I had to mix it up…

Enter…Anna’s Month of Adventures in “Dieting

I see so many dietary habits on blogs, learn about them in nutrition, and I know I will see them in months ahead in my internship.  My friend Elizabeth planted the seed in my head a month ago when she mentioned how interesting it would be to try out the ‘diets’ we learn about in school.  Why not?!

So for the next month-ish I will be trying a new ‘diet’ each week…Mind you, these aren’t diets, as in trying to lose weight and restricting calories, but rather ‘dietary choices.’

Here is what I have planned:

May 13-20 : Vegan

May 21-28: Gluten-Free

May 29-June 6 : Paleo

June 7-15 : Raw or Mediterranean Diet *still researching…

I started with Vegan eating because it will definitely take some adjustment to not eat eggs or dairy but since the past two years I was eating vegetarian, it shouldn’t be too big of a change for me.

Gluten-free eating will be interesting, especially with learning what products to avoid.  These days with so many products made for gluten-free eating I think it’s getting easier to eat gluten-free.

It will be a big jump to Paleo, avoiding most grains…no oatmeal..say what?!

The hardest will definitely be Raw and I am still researching raw foods and hope I can give it a try for a week.  If I realize it wouldn’t be smart for me, I might end up doing a Mediterranean diet instead.

I’ll finish just in time for my family beach trip…when all ‘diets’ are off!

This gives me 8 days with each diet…not enough probably to get a true feel of sticking with the diet long-term, but enough of an idea of how one would eat.  I’ll be posting information about the diet, a lot of what I eat, recipes I’ll try, and how I eat in restaurants.

If you follow any of the eating patterns, I would love to hear from you, whether recipes, advice, etc.  I’d also love to have you join me on all, or any, of the weeks of experimentation!  Here is to new eating adventures…


Have you ever tried another ‘diet’?!  Was it hard or did it change the way you ate forever?!