That would definitely sum up the last week of my life.

The first of the week, definitely in the negative, anxious, stressful type of overwhelming.

I had 4 exams, 1 presentation, had to move out of my apartment and get it totally cleaned,…oh and still work 4 out of 5  nights last week.  Say WHAT?!

Monday and Tuesday all ‘health habits’ and ‘tips for de-stressing’ were out the window…I didn’t work out, didn’t get great sleep, didn’t eat well at all…but did I survive?  Yes.  And that’s all that mattered at the time.  I didn’t appreciate my lack of healthy habits, but I know that is just how life goes sometimes and accepting that is healthy too, right?!

My saving grace came Tuesday (literally) as my Mom pulled into town to help me clean my apartment and move out.  I moved into a friend’s place to stay the next couple of months before my internship.  She was amazing, cleaning my kitchen and bathrooms as I went to my two exams Wednesday morning and helping me load a few trips of stuff over to the new place while taking a whole load of my junk home.  I could not have done it without her.

Moving into my ‘new’ place Wednesday, it was if the clouds lifted, and relief flooded me.  Then as I turned in my last final Thursday, I was overwhelmed.  Definitely in the wow, I finally did it and survived the last two years of my life and am done with my Dietetics degree type of overwhelming.

Here is a picture of a bunch of the dietetics girls…I am on the bottom left.


What an adventures these last two years have been.  Saturday I graduated from JMU with my B.S. in Dietetics and as you know, I’ll go onto complete my internship to get my Registered Dietitian certification at VCUHS in Richmond starting in August.

It was a great celebration to have my parents there on Saturday.  I also could not have made it through the last two years without their constant support.  We enjoyed (most) of the rainy ceremony together … okay and left the second Health Sciences ceremony a little early…but it was starting to pour!  We had a nice picnic lunch and Kline’s ice cream after (a Harrisonburg staple).

Pre-celebration…coffee was necessary after working the night before…the sun was still shining at this point!…

With Mom…the rain can’t stop us!…

After an epic two-hour nap, I party hopped, celebrating graduation, Cinco de Mayo, and all that jazz.  It is an amazing feeling not to have the stress of school work on my shoulders.  I am looking forward to waitressing, some vacation, training for triathlons, and doing some work for my internship before it starts in August.

I also am looking forward to blogging more!!  I’ve been so adrift this past semester but I’ve appreciated all your support!

So overwhelming is over.  Onto relief.


What one word sums up your last week?!