I had the privilege these past 2 weekends of running in a couple of 5ks around town.  I hadn’t run a 5K in forever but I love the distance…short and to the point.

Two weekends ago (which now seems like two years ago) I headed over to nearby EMU to run in the Autism 5K Run/Walk.  I almost bailed as I ended up doing the event on my own but since I had already signed up, I figured I better run!  In the back of my mind, I also had a goal: to place in the event.

I rarely go into races with specific time/placement goals, but I ran this race last year and with an age bracket of 20-29, I ended up in like 3rd or 4th?  Totally great, but ya know, I do like to win sometimes 🙂

I made it to the event, checked in, saw a few friends, and got ready to run.  It was a beautiful morning out, low-60s, sunny and I ran fast weaving through a slightly hilly neighborhood course.

Final time: 22 minutes 46 seconds.  Hoorah!  Not a PR but pretty close to one I ran a few years ago…always good to know I still got it 🙂

So, did I place?

I stuck around for the awards to find out, knowing it would be close race….

Yes!  1st place Female 20-29.

Winner.  Snazzy medal too.  I wore it around all day.  (just kidding I promise!)


Even better was enjoying the rest of the day with some of my besties.

We went to the local Rocktown Beer and Music Festival for an early celebration of Whitney’s birthday.

But this is a tale of 2 races…this past weekend I signed up for the Bruce Morrison ColorRun 5K on campus…Color Run?!!…count me in.

Have you seen or raced in one before?  I’ve seen a few advertised and it definitely seems to be the new fad.  Clearly I needed to check it out.  It is basically a 5K where every 1 km there are stations where you are showered (or attacked) with magical color dust (edible, safe, washes off) so by the end you are a rainbow of color.  It’s neat because it is totally low-key and fun…the event didn’t even have timing or placing!  We were all winners. 

I met up with my friends Emily and Taylor and we  ran the course together…it was a blast! …A CoLOR BLAST!  …okay bad joke. But it was a nice change of pace from my secretly competitive race the weekend before.

It was also made even better by our ‘cheering section’ … friends Elizabeth and Rachel who came out to support us before we all went back to Rachel’s for brunch.

I made these Oat Bran Blueberry Muffins…recipe to come…which paired perfectly with Rachel’s quiche and Elizabeth’s peanut butter yogurt dip.

I love the balance of exercise/fitness for FUN and for Competition.

SO what about you…do you enter races to win?  Or just for the fun of it?!

My next race coming up….Salem Sprint Triathlon…oh and officially registered for the Jamestown International Triathlon July 1st..get it!


By the way…thanks for sticking with me these past couple weeks…I have 3 finals left and GRADUATE Saturday and cant wait to get back to more blogging after!