Hey everyone!  Wednesday already!  Are you spring cleaning your diet yet?!

Things are winding down school-wise (only 1.5 weeks of classes and then some exams left!)  yet I feel like life is gearing-up as I plan stuff for the summer and my internship in the fall.

I’ve branched out this week fitness-wise!  I took Monday off because I was still exhausted from the weekend.  Yesterday I met my friend Rachel at the Center Yoga Studio downtown for their free open house week.

We attended a Vinyasa Yoga I Prana Flow class which focused on breath and fluid movement throughout the practice.  I’ll admit by 6:30 I was tired and was about to cancel but I’m glad I had set the date with Rachel because I felt so relaxed afterward.  Note to self: practice yoga more often (story of my life).

This morning I SWAM!  I was so proud of myself 🙂 My dad and I signed up for the Salem YMCA Sprint Triathlon on June 3rd.

My Dad and I at the Christiansburg Adventure Tri last summer…


I have not been in a pool since…um…well…October?  A really long time.  But I’ve got about 7 weeks to get in tip-top swim shape.  Okay, honestly the swim is only 300 yards so I totally got that…But I do want a decent time AND I am thinking about signing up for the Jamestown International Tri July 1st so I better get moving on that.

I went to my favorite 7AM cycle class taught by Jessica and then hit the pool for a simple 750.

Warm-up Simple 750

Begin at a slow pace and increase speed each 25 m for a total of 250 m (5 laps)

Sprint 25 m and regular speed 25 m for a total of 300 m (6 laps)

Use pull buoy for 100 m (2 laps)

Cool down for 100 m (2 laps)

Again, nothing crazy but it felt good to be in the pool!  Look for more swimming coming your way…

After, I downed some overnight oats and got my day started right.

Old pic but looked something like this plus a banana…


I dare you to try one new fitness thing this week and let me know what it is!