Yesterday I posted about ‘spring cleaning’ my apartment but this morning on the Today show they played a segment on ‘spring cleaning your diet.’  It got me thinking about how I joked this past weekend that bikini season is upon us.  I’m not one to ‘gain winter weight’ and then try to diet in the spring to be lean for the summer…

BUT I will admit that I do think more about toning up my body and cleaning up my diet if I know I’ll be in a bathing suit.  When the weather turns warmer (it is 80 degrees here today!) and shorts and tank tops come out, it does make me a little more aware of how my legs are looking.  I think that is normal, especially for women.  Agreed?

Here are my dos and don’ts for spring cleaning and getting in bikini shape:

Do include weight training in your exercise routine to increase your metabolism and build lean muscle.

Don’t spend hours at the gym doing cardio (think hour long sessions on the elliptical!)

Do include interval training like HIIT.  Again, gets that metabolism going.

Don’t go on a diet.

Do make small changes to lead a healthier lifestyle.  That’s not complete overhaul, extreme anything that you can’t sustain.

Don’t try diet pills, cleanses, etc.

Do eat whole grains, lean protein, fruits, nuts, healthy fats, and LOTS of veggies.

Don’t reach for packaged products loaded with fillers.

Do drink lots of water.

Don’t cut out meals/food groups to lose weight (unless its sugar or trans fat, I would say you can cut that out!)

Do look to others for inspiration, whether its a friend, mentor, athlete, or blogger 😉

Don’t compare yourself to others (especially photo-shopped images of size 0 models in magazines).  Everyone’s body is different, unique, and beautiful.  You will never look like someone else, and why would you want to?!

Do try new things and strive to be your best.

Don’t stress out and try to be a certain size or number on the scale.

Do listen to body.

Don’t stick to lists like this but be flexible and do whats best for you.


Here is to hoping we all can enjoy a little time out in the sun this spring and summer…


I know I am guilty of comparing myself to others, thinking of extreme diets/cleanses, and being self-conscious of my body.  I’m going to work harder to stay positive, play up my favorite features, and remind myself of all the good things my body can do.  I’ll be filling my body with lots of whole foods to keep it running…that way I’ll never really need to ‘spring clean!’

So do you ‘spring clean’ your body and diet?  Ever tried anything extreme?