What a day.  I did nothing.

Okay.  Not exactly nothing.  I was exhausted from late night dancing with my friends Casey, Meredith, and DJ Obeyah.  I haven’t seen 2 am in a long time.

Obeyah tearing it up.  Somehow don’t have any pictures of the rest of us.  I think we were too busy dancing?

I somehow managed to make it on a run with my friend Jordan this morning before meeting Meredith and Obeyah for brunch.  This all led me to crashing on the couch all afternoon.  All about balance people.

I wanted to do something productive though so I decided to start going through some of my important belongings (ie junk) pending my upcoming move.

Man, it is incredible what you can accumulate and forget about in 2 years like…

My crabby travel mug.  I got this 2 years ago when I was living at home and taking chemistry everyday for like 10 weeks.  I was literally crabby all the time and felt so bad for my parents who had to put up with me.

Drink koozie collection.  Confession: I have never used one of these.  Must start drinking to fix that.

Turbo JAM!  Bought this from an infomercial back at UMW senior year.  My roommates and I have fond memories of shedding extreme calories by laughing ourselves silly with this video.  I think I’ve used it twice.  Might be time to let someone else jam it out.

Sassy black fedora.  Um.  yeah.  When was I gonna wear this again…?!

And my old cap and gown from UMW!  Hoorah!  I was just thinking the other day that I had noo idea where this was.  Now I do.  Seeing as how important cap/gown are to me, I thankfully borrowed one for graduation from my friend Casey.

And of course these beauties, leopard print high heels.  I bought them junior? year at UMW.  I have not worn them in 4 years.  Unofficial Facebook survey unanimously confirmed that I should still keep them.

It feels so good to clear out some of the clutter.  The best part is thinking of all the stories behind the junk.  I’m sure there will be a lot more where this came from.  Man, just writing this makes me tired again.  Off to bed early!

So are you spring cleaning?  Anything fun you found?!