Woo hoo…my second half marathon complete!  Yesterday I ran in the second annual Martinsville Half Marathon.  I ran the race last year (it was my first half) and thought it would be fun to go back and do it again!

The forecast for race day was not very optimistic…90% chance of rain and thunderstorms…temperatures in the low-70s.

70s = perfect

rainy = not so fun

I woke up at about 5:30 Saturday to the pouring rain, but my mom and I tried to stay optimistic as we packed up the car and made our way to Martinsville.  Honestly, I tried not to think much about it … in fact… I hadn’t thought much about the race at all.  It was the least anxious I had ever been, even for 5ks.  My guess is it was a mix of being so busy lately and having so much else going on and the fact that I’ve got so many races under my belt and am getting more comfortable with them.  I did get anxious right before the start though, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think those jitters will ever go away!

I was hoping the rain would clear, but it only seemed to get worse during the drive.  There were brief thoughts of “maybe I just won’t race” but they were quickly replaced and confirmed by my mom by thoughts of “yes you are definitely just gonna do this.”

So we made it to the race start, got my number, and got my hat…ready to run…rain or shine!

The race kicked off 10 minutes late to a light rain.  The course weaves through downtown Martinsville and then heads out to a great paved rail trail along the river for about 10 miles.  Thankfully the rain let up around mile 8.  I felt strong throughout the run and only started feeling some aches and pains around mile 10 but nothing major that would slow me down.  I took in water and most of the aid stations and also busted out a little bag of raisins around mile 10 and chopped on them to the end of the run.  Perfect. 

My lack of motivation running lately was long gone…I just love racing!  I love both the encouragement and camaraderie from other runners yet the sense of competition and speed as well.

I didn’t have a major time goal in mind, but of course, it would have been nice to finish about the same or quicker than last year.  I realized coming into mile 12 that I wasn’t going to beat my previous time of 1 hr 42 minutes…so I aimed for under 1 hr 45.

I finished in 1 hr 45 minutes 22 seconds. 

A couple of minutes slower than last year but I still finished 6th woman overall and 1st in my age group! I’ll take it!

It was great to have my mom there for support as always…she is the best!  I am proud of her too…while I was racing, she used the local YMCA and did her own workout for the day 🙂

The Martinsville Half Marathon was another great success!  Thanks to the race director, staff, and all the great volunteers who stuck through the rain to support the runners!

I think I’ve caught the racing bug again and am going to look for a few more races this spring…

So have any races coming up you recommend?  Have you had to run in the rain before…what did you think?!