Shew.  Is it May 5th yet?  Or April 1st?   No.  Okay, day by day here then.

…what has been going on with me?

Socially…I had an awesome weekend in northern Virginia visiting my friends for St. Patty’s Day!  There was no green beer but there was some drinking, eating, sunshine, and great company.  It was so refreshing to have a day just to relax and enjoy the moment.  Just what I needed.

I came back in a frazzle on Sunday and have not had anytime to see any of my friends here.  Boo.  I’ve had thesis work, meetings, etc etc.  This week has been all about not having enough hours in the day.  I know you all can relate.

Work…I’ve worked every night this week but thankfully I have off till next Tuesday so I can go home for my half marathon and VDA conference.  I’m definitely excited about the break!

School work…As I’ve mentioned, I am presenting my thesis at the annual Virginia Dietetic Association Conference on Monday.  I am not actually ‘presenting’ but I’ll be with others displaying a poster on my work and answering any questions people have on it.  My honors advisor and I have worked our butts off to get the poster done but (fingers crossed) we finally have it finished…just in time!

I’m excited to attend the conference on Monday and connect with other RD’s and students from VA.

I’ve only got about a month left of classes but they are going to be PACKED.  I’ve got so many projects and papers and tests to finish before graduation!  At least it is keeping my mind off worrying about internships and the future, right?!

Fitness…I’ve still been fitting in some workouts for my sanity…gotta make my health a priority too!  Last week I stuck to week 11 of LiveFit’s workouts and went for my last long run before the Martinsville Half Marathon..which is this Saturday already!  Thankfully this week was a taper week.  I did some weights and a few shorter runs this week and am now resting for Saturday.  I guess I am officially done with LiveFit (even though I didn’t really finish week 12) and I’ll definitely be posting a recap about it next week!

Food…I’m still eating!  🙂  Although I haven’t been cooking as much.  One thing I don’t like about working during the week is that I am gone alllll day and have to pack all my meals.  I did some prep this Sunday (rice, quinoa, the usual) and made some amazing Crock-pot Salsa Chicken…

Crock-pot Salsa Chicken

To make: simply throw frozen chicken breasts in a crock-pot with some jarred salsa of your choice.  Seriously, it could not get any easier.

I cooked it on low the first time for about 7 hours and high this past weekend for 4 hours.  Both times the chicken turns out juicy and shreds easily with great flavor from the salsa.  You can also add black beans or corn to the crock-pot if you want.

I’ve thrown it on salads and put it over rice with broccoli, extra salsa, and greek yogurt.  Delicious.

No pictures of my own (fail) but it looks something like this…


Today I am volunteering all afternoon/evening for my Community Nutrition class doing nutrition education presentations at a local elementary school.  Tomorrow is a few more meetings and then heading home for the Half!


So with all the craziness, how do you stay calm and take time for yourself?! Any advice?