I’ve been starting to treat Thursdays as my “Saturdays” this semester…I only have one class at 3:30 (so does it even count?  well…I do have to show up…) so I use the morning to do “Saturday morning things” I can’t do if I’m working on the weekends, like…

Sleeping In…I woke up at 7:00 today!  Darn my body clock…

And Relaxed workouts.  Not rushing off to the gym, cutting workouts short, long runs, blah blah.

A more leisurely breakfast while watching LIVE! With Kelly.


Errands 🙂  I love a good Target run.

Groceries and food prep.  Most people have to prep food for the work week but since I usually work weekends, I have to keep the food prep going!

So this morning involved a (flashback to last semester)a morning Long Run.  I can’t believe how slack I’ve been in my half marathon training.  I skipped my long run last weekend because I was working so much. I knew I had to get out this week for one (last? or only?) long run.  The half marathon is next weekend so it may be a little late for training, but better late than never?

I set out to run 10 miles and decided to do it this morning to get it out of the way this week.  I’ll admit, I was NERVOUS.  You’d think a girl who’d run a half marathon and marathon wouldn’t get nervous about 10 miles but I just have not been feeling long runs lately and was scared how it would go.

I mapped out my route on mapmyrun.com and made it a simple 5 miles out and back.  This morning, I ate some toast, an egg white puff, let it settle, and set on my way.  The weather was perfect: overcast and cool at 45 degrees.  The first 5 miles were not really ‘fun’ and I was pretty pessimistic about it, lame.  I used this time to reflect on…

Things that Can Make Runs Stink

Worms – the other week I went running after a rainy night and there were worms all over the road. ew.  I tried not to smush on them which was pretty much impossible.

Going off road – Trail running might be a different story, but when you’re prepared for a road run and end up trucking through the dirt, it is not always the most fun.  I didn’t really know the road I mapped out today so I was running on the side of the road for about 2 miles.  I probably looked like a drunk person stumbling through rough patches of grass and I’m surprised I didn’t break an ankle!  It definitely was not my smartest idea as trucks whizzed by.  Not winning.

Chicken feathers – say what?!  Only in Harrisonburg.  There are a lot of chicken farms around and huge trucks will drive through with the chickens.  Again, ew.  There were chicken feathers all over the ground!  I tried not to think about them.

Why do I eat meat again…?...source

Farm smells – again, only in rural areas.  There are some beautiful farms in the area but it makes for some funky smells.  I guess it helps me with speed work…get out of the smell fast!!  It does not help when your gag-reflex kicks in.

Creepers – ladies, we’ve all been there.  At a stoplight, with the guy on the moped cat calling you.  Really dude?  Yes, let me hop on the back of your moped and we’ll drive off into the sunset together…


Thankfully I finished the run and with a smile on my face – so relieved to be done – and excited for next weekend!

I also tried a new run fuel: raisins!  I haven’t been ‘fueling’ during my runs since most have been under an hour.  I know I’ll want some sort of fuel during my half, but as any racer knows, don’t do anything new on the day of the race!  I’ve used Goo gels in my olympic tri and marathon last year but my body doesn’t really love them. I wanted something a little more natural…

Raisins are great fuel because they are simple sugars which the body can quickly use for energy.  I put some in a baggie and started chomping on a few after mile 8ish?  Worked like a charm!

There should be more adventures to come…I think I am finally trying hot yoga tonight!…


So what are some of your running “fails”?! Any good stories out there?

How do you fuel for your long workouts?

Ever been nervous before runs?