I’d love to say that my lack of blogging was due to a surprise last-minute spring-break trip to Florida.

It wasn’t.


I enjoyed a couple of days at home with my family mid-week and then headed back to school and have been working serving at the restaurant this past weekend.  I’ve worked the past 8 out of 10 days of my ‘break’ and am actually ready to head back to classes!

At home I got to put my feet up though….

…the best part is how nicely manicured they were (or pedicured?!)…My mom and I got mani/pedis one afternoon.

Red for Mom (she is so cool) and coral/pink for me (I try to be cool).  We both got talked into trying the new gel nail polish that is supposed to last for a couple of weeks without chipping.  I have to admit that after hours in the restaurant this week it still hasn’t chipped…I’m amazed!  Have you all tried this yet?!

We also went to yoga, hit up the gym for a weights workout, went out to eat some, and made some delicious dinners at home.

Grilled steak salad with roasted vegetables…

…and grilled chicken with asparagus and sautéed kale.  We followed this recipe for the chicken, a lemon herb marinade, and this recipe for the kale.  Both turned out awesome!


Can you tell I don’t have a grill at my apartment?  I requested anything grilled while at home!

I also was holding out on you guys last week…I decided to try going low carb!  Like I mentioned before, the last Phase of the LiveFit trainer for three weeks you are supposed to alternate 3 days of low carb eating with one day of high carb intake.  This is supposed to ‘confuse’ your body on where its energy is coming from and promotes fat burning to ‘lean out.’  You are not supposed to do this long-term, but only for the three weeks.

My thoughts?  Unsure but I don’t think I’ll keep it up.  The first three days weren’t that difficult.  I ate a lot of chicken, veggies, cottage cheese, eggs, tuna, etc…mostly what I usually eat but just left out the carbs (minus oatmeal at breakfast and half a sweet potato after working out).  I also included more fats into my diet like almonds, coconut oil, and avocado.

Tuna with broccoli slaw, greek yogurt and spicy mustard.

Chicken with broccoli and squash.

Greens with tomato, cucumber, radishes, and a chicken breast.

Egg white puff with peppers topped with a whole egg.

I definitely enjoyed my “high carb” day at home which included some frozen yogurt, popcorn, and sushi!

These past few days of low carb have not been as fun.  My energy is low, but I can’t tell if it’s from lack of sleep and being on my feet all day at work or what?  None the less, I think my days of carb cycling are over.  If it is going to make me tired or throw off my energy..it is not worth it!… It was an interesting experiment though!

I’ve got two weeks left of LiveFit and the workouts are changing a lot to a high-rep circuit with just a few exercises.  Should be interesting!  I’ll stick to the workouts this week but will taper off of them next week since I have a half-marathon that next weekend.  I haven’t been training for it as much as I would like but I think my body will be ready for it… with a good taper week that is!

Well I better get myself ready to get back to classes.  Only 7 weeks of classes and 8 weeks until graduation (omadgakghksdljfa!!! –> freakingout).


So have any of you tried carb-cycling?!  Any thoughts on it?!