So I mentioned the other week how I went to the gym before 7 am and how even though I’m usually up at this hour, I am never at the gym that early.  It made me realize how many changes I’ve made in my health routine since starting the LiveFit trainer.

#1. I don’t workout without eating something.

This has been such a positive change!  I used to workout early in the morning and would usually have a small snack before working out (piece of toast, bites of banana, bit of egg whites, etc) but now I always eat breakfast and let it settle before working out.  I realize how vital it is to get food in your system before working out, otherwise, you are just burning away muscle!  I also get a better work out because I actually have fuel to burn.

Case in point:  yesterday I ran into a coworker at the gym who was lifting weights too.  A bit later, I hear someone softly calling my name.  I look around and find him slumped over the calf machine, asking if I had any food to eat.  Unfortunately I didn’t but I got the gym attendants to help him.  The first question I asked him was whether he had eaten anything that morning and he shook his head no.  (After I felt hugely insensitive for asking such a question when he clearly was not feeling well!).  He sat there for at least 30 minutes after getting something in his system.  They ended up having to call the paramedics to check him because of how nauseous, light-headed, and sick he felt.  Think he got a good workout trying to burn away muscle on an empty stomach?  No.  Fuel properly people.

#2. I never wear my heart rate monitor anymore.

I have been tied to my heart rate monitor for years now.  I wasn’t intense about using it for training within heart rate zones or strictly tracking the calories I burned, but I always monitored how my heart rate was and ya know, checked out the calories too.  It can be helpful to keep intensity going during cardio, but it can also be a big distraction.  I’ll admit, there were definitely workouts where I would be so distracted with the level of my heart rate that I wasn’t even focusing on working out and how my body felt!  I still use the watch for timing and will probably use the heart rate monitor again at some point, but for now, its nice not to even worry with it.

#3. Obvi, I am doing a ton more weights (6 days a week) and a lot less cardio (4 days with 2 only being 30 minutes).

For a while I have wanted to focus on a heavy lifting routine but never found a program to stick to, or had the time between triathlon and marathon training.  It has been such an awesome change of pace to be lifting so much and really seeing changes in how heavy I can lift and how ‘big’ my muscles are getting!  Ha, okay, less big, and maybe more defined?  None the less, it’s a great change.

#4. I haven’t been to cycle class or stepped in a pool.

This is a change that brings mixed emotions and won’t last forever.  I didn’t swim much last fall either while training for the marathon, but I still made it to cycle class at least once a week.  Now, I haven’t been to cycle or in a pool all year!  I do miss both (in fact, I might end up going at home with my dad) but at the same time, after doing spin classes for years, it is also a nice change of pace.  I haven’t planned out any triathlons for the spring or summer since it is still up in the air where I’ll be living.  Once I get that pinned down in April, I do want to do a few tris this summer… I don’t think I’ll ever be able to give that up!

#5. I eat a lot more meat. 

It seems like a sudden change to go from not eating almost any meat the past two years to eating meat a couple of times a day recently.  It’s interesting though because I don’t necessarily ‘feel’ different eating more meat but it does still me up and sustain me.  I still think a plant-based diet is extremely healthy and the way to eat, and I’ve still been eating a ton of fruits and vegetables.  I have a feeling this summer and after the LiveFit program is over, I’ll go back to a more balanced diet between non-meat and meat sources of protein.


Have you made any changes to your health routine lately?!