Happy Spring Break 2012!

The view out my window this morning. WHAT?!

And No.  I am not vacationing in a ski resort in beautiful Colorado or anywhere exciting like that.  I’m just at school!  Where did this ‘winter’ come from?!  Honestly, we have had beautiful 50-60 degree weather lately and now this?!  Go figure.

Oh well, I love a good snow every once in a while and it is supposed to be nice the rest of the week. Spring break snow rant over.

This calls for more Vanilla Chai Coffee asap.

I’m not too upset about not doing anything over spring break.  Since I’ve already had my time in the working world, I know just getting a week off is a blessing!  Sorry to all my girls out there working the 9-5.

Flashback to the best spring break I had…Senior year a bunch of friends and I saved up a took a cruise to the Bahamas.  I felt so spoiled and posh and had the best time of my life!  Traveling is such a good way to spend money  and was worth the splurge for all the good memories.

Freshman year, four of us took a trip to NYC.  That was also a blast…just…really cold!  I prefer the beach and sun to the snow.  How about you?

Sorry to be MIA this weekend.  No big excuses, I was just working the whole time.  Gotta make that money, right?!  I’ll be working the next couple of days and also still doing school work for my honors thesis…THEN I am headed home for a few days to actually take a break.  I can’t wait…I haven’t been home since Christmas!

These two are waiting for me…

(OMG Chloe is so cute, I almost forgot!…and Maggie’s cute too, obvi)

Oh and these two too… 🙂

My Mom and I have potential plans for girl things like yoga, mani/pedis, and movie dates.  ❤  I’m sure my dad and I will do the usual gym dates too!  I’m always pushing him to do weights so maybe I’ll make him do the LiveFit workouts with me.

I’m onto week 2 of Phase 3!!  I love Phase 3, no joke.  The supersets and active rest are intense.  I haven’t been doing the ’30 second sprints’ for 30 minutes for cardio, but instead still incorporating running into these cardio times to train for my 1/2 marathon.  I have been doing the shorter runs with intervals so I feel its kind of the same.  I am suppose to start doing low-carb and high-carb days this week to really cut fat and lean out.  I have been straying more and more from the nutrition recommendations though the past couple of weeks.  I’m sure I could be ‘seeing more results’ if I was cutting/counting calories, but again, I’m not really trying to lose weight and just don’t like to count calories. I might try to throw in a low-carb day here or there and see how my responds?  Thoughts on it?!  I’ll let you know what I do!

In other “news”, last night I made this recipe The Meatza.  I had all the ingredients on hand (and never know what to do with leftover tomato paste) so The Meatza it was!

I stuck to the recipe and topped mine with some sautéed onions/broccoli, fresh tomatoes, and Parmesan cheese.

The results?  Not bad!  A good taste but I couldn’t eat it like a pizza…Too Messy!  Not sure if that defeats the purpose?

Well I guess I better get to actually working on that honors thesis (plans like this always fall away over breaks, don’t you agree?)

So what was your favorite “spring break” memory?!