Welcome to Banana’s Diner…featuring the most delicious and healthy diner-esque food you’ve ever had.

For lunch:

An Avocado Turkey Burger on Ezekiel Toast

With Oven-baked Okra Fries

And a chocolate protein shake to top it off!


Man, it was an awesome lunch.  The turkey patties on sale the other day at the store and I baked them up at 350 for about 20 minutes.  I threw that on some Ezekiel bread toasted with some avocado, tomato, spicy mustard, and some reduced-sugar ketchup.

For the okra fries, I simply dumped a bag of frozen whole okra on a baking sheet and roasted them at 400 for about 25 minutes, stirring once.  I love them!  I ate them dipped in spicy mustard and reduced-sugar ketchup.

With the burger and ‘fries’ I knew I needed something chocolaty, so I threw some chocolate protein powder and cocoa powder in a blender with some unsweetened vanilla almond breeze and lots of ice…perfect.

Who says you can’t have ‘fast food’ and be healthy?!


By the way, Happy National Nutrition Month!  Time to “Get Your Plate in Shape” 🙂

I’m loving the 70 degree weather here!  I just ran errands all day and went to my last class before spring break.  I’ll be celebrating with happy hour tonight!


How did you enjoy your Thursday?!  Get outside at all?