I don’t know if it was the rain this morning or just a mid-week slump but I needed an extra pick-me-up in my usual cup of morning tea.  A new favorite was created…


Vanilla Chai Coffee

Fill a mug with 3/4 water and 1/4 unsweetened vanilla almond breeze.  Microwave until hot. Add Vanilla Chai tea (or tea of choice, like French Vanilla, Vanilla Roobios, or any other flavored black tea).  Add a packet of instant coffee, vanilla flavored recommended.

Stir and enjoy.

It reminds me of a chai tea latte and is a nice change of pace to your normal cup of coffee or tea.

I use these little Nescafe packets you can get at the grocery store for 30 for under $4.  30 cups of coffee for under $4…that is a deal to me.