Holla chicas!…and gentlemen?…

Sorry to be MIA this weekend.  I was busy serving food, watching kiddos, and making that money.  It’s not glamorous or incredibly fun, but that is how life goes.  I’ve been able to embrace this fact lately and am pleased with my positive attitude given my schedule and stress.  I know I might come off really optimistic and gung-ho-healthy-happy on the blog, but trust me, life is not always like this for me.  It is easy for me to get wrapped up in my day-to-day and it’s hard to remind myself how blessed I am.  I guess that is why I enjoy writing the blog so much…it helps remind me to stay positive and recognize all the good things going on in my life!  After last Monday’s awful mood,  just writing that blog posted helped me feel so much better.


I think the nice weather is helping my mood too!  It has been in the 50s/60s here recently.  Look what I got to wear Friday for my run…


SHORTS!  Look at those legs…they were screaming for some Vitamin D.

How about this action shot though…

Fail.  My arms have disappeared.  Tricks of the camera, eh?


In other fitness news, I began Phase 3 of the LiveFit Trainer today!!

This is the “lean out” phase where you do circuit style lifting (supersets, active rest, and interval runs).  This is more of the weight training style I was used to doing before I started LiveFit.  Judging by today’s workout though it will definitely be kicking it up a notch… I loved it though!  I was a sweaty mess by the end and my legs were shaking. The variety makes the workout fly by too.

I’m thinking I might do Phase 3 and then go back and cycle through Phase 2 and 3 again…It’s obviously still a little early on to tell though ( I mean I still have 4 weeks of Phase 3 left…one day at a time Anna.)

I had classes all day today (only 3 days left till “spring break” though!) but took some time for delicious snacks and eats.

My lunch hit.the.spot today.  Spinach topped with quinoa, a chicken breast cooked in rosemary, oregano, and garlic, with leftover steamed squash, feta, and tomato.  Topped with balsamic vinegar and spicy mustard for dressing.  OH BABY.  The balsamic with the rosemary and feta…heaven.

Well I am off to hang out with some special chicas but I’ve got an extra special recipe coming for you tomorrow…and it involves chocolate 🙂


How was your weekend?  What was the best part?

My favorite part of my weekend was being home Sunday night to watch the Oscars!