There is a lot of activity in the banana household this Friday afternoon.

I’ve been doing a lot of this…

Food Prep!  Unintended but with some extra time to spare around the house I made some brown rice, quinoa, roasted eggplant (for a later dinner) and roasted veggies…YUM.  I had a hard time keeping my hand out of the roasted veggies…I chopped up some brussels sprouts, red/yellow/orange peppers, and onion…my favorites…topped with a bit of olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder.

I also vacuumed around my apartment and am saving this bad boy for later…

Trash. Ew. No thanks.

True story.  I have a broom but have not used it once since living in my apartment – I always vacuum the hardwood floors!


Backing up to this morning, I was in the gym earlier then I have been in months!  I have been working out after breakfast, around 8 or 9 lately, but had to be at a volunteer opportunity at 8:45.  I wanted to get my Day 53 Shoulders Workout in this morning so I could go on a run this afternoon.

I had some eggwhites (don’t think I could work out on an empty stomach anymore) and hit the gym at 6:50 AM.  It took my body a second to wake up but the shoulders workout was killer.

I followed it up with a NEW protein flavor…Cocoa Mocha.  YES PLEASE.  It’s Elite Whey Protein I ordered the other day.  I love it!  I made a smoothie with protein powder, half a banana, chia, and some extra cocoa powder.

With the extra banana I made something I haven’t had in too long…

Banana Oats!!

1/2 cup oats microwaved with 1/2 a smushed banana and 1 cup water.  Topped with cinnamon, slivered almonds, and some unsweetened almond breeze.

Expect to see this more often 🙂

What to do when you don’t get too sweaty and don’t have time to wash your hair?

Beauty crisis averted.

To conclude my ramblings I thought I would include some fun fact questions Tina posted on her blog this morning….

Anna’s Favorites:

  • Favorite herb or spice to cook with: Cinnamon.
  • Favorite item in my makeup bag: Clinique All About Eyes Concealer .. although my necessary product is mascara!
  • Favorite item in my closet: Hmm.. Express Dark Flared Jeans or riding boots I got from Rack Room last year
  • Best workout song on my iPod: All of the Lights by Kanye West
  • Favorite aisle in the grocery store: Definitely produce…duh.
  • Movie I’ve watched the most: Toughie…I’m not a big movie person…probably Charlie Brown Christmas or something that makes it into regular rotation in my life?
  • Favorite ice cream flavor: Either peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough or strawberry cheesecake.
  • Favorite sandwich:Oh avocado, turkey, sprouts, tomato, hummus, whole wheat bread.

Feel free to respond with your answers!