Hello friends.  The weekend is here, which feels strange to say since yesterday and Thursday I kept thinking it was Saturday.  Hmph.  Well now it IS finally Saturday so I won’t complain!

My morning started off with a twist on the usual…I realized this morning how funny my breakfast routine is becoming though…

First I make some hot water and add lemon to drink while I cook.

Okay, I confess, that’s an old picture 🙂

Then I start heating up my oatmeal and usually prepping my egg whites or eggs.  Once everything is made, I get settled in to eat.

First is always the oatmeal.

Chocolate oatmeal with 1 T unsweetened dark cocoa powder, 2 T unsweetened vanilla almond breeze, and 2 T unsweetened shredded coconut.  Always feels like a special treat.

Then I will eat my eggs.  Today, some mushrooms and peppers/onion mix cooked up with an egg and 2 egg whites on my special Valentines’ day plate.

Of course, I end with a cup of hot tea while I spend too much time reading blogs…this morning I made a cup of Vanilla Chai with a splash of almond breeze.

Don’t mind if I do.  🙂

Some mornings I’ll have a second cup of tea if I have time, but I hardly ever do so I usually have one later in the morning.  Today, since its Satuday, I had some time and I enjoyed some vanilla caramel tea.  Breakfast process over.

AND now you know waaayy too much about my morning routine 🙂

…Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I felt inspired yesterday and made my own Valentine’s to send out!  I made individualized designs based on ideas I found online using note cards I got from Wal-mart.

I’ll give you a little sneak peek of one for someone I know doesn’t read my blog….

I laid low last night making cards because I am definitely fighting a cold.  But fight I think my body is doing!  I was feeling a bit sickly still this morning but I have my energy back.   Now, of course, the hard part not to push myself too much and feel worse again.

I should have been out celebrating though because this week I submitted my Dietetic Internship applications!!!  Woo hoo!  It is a huge relief yet felt a bit anti-climatic as I pressed the “submit” button.  It is also very unnerving to know that now all I can do is wait until April 1st to find out if and where I get internship placement.  Isn’t it funny how waiting is so easy yet so hard to do?!

Thankfully I am waiting in a delicious smelling apartment.  I made some baked chicken this morning.  No, I did not eat the baked chicken this morning (although I was tempted) but just made it for later.


I topped chicken breasts with spicy brown mustard, dashes of hot sauce, garlic powder, thyme, rosemary, salt and pepper.  Then baked at 350 for about 30 minutes.

I’m off to work…the best part about my job is getting to wear a hat…no need to shower yet today 🙂

Go make some baked chicken and have a great Saturday!