I’m doing a hump day dance over here.


Celebrating my lovely lady lumps 🙂

Once I make it through my classes on Wednesday, my schedule clears up a lot (praise the Lord). I only have one class Thursday and none on Friday…ohh yes.  But don’t you fear, I already have a couple of meetings scheduled both days and lots of work to catch up on!

This week has started off pretty packed, per usual.  I’ve been prepping my meals and snacks at night and stocking up my lunchbox during the day.

Last night I got a nice treat – my Dad stopped in and we got dinner at Chipotle, one of our traditions.  I got a burrito bowl with chicken, fajita peppers, mild salsa, corn, and lettuce.  Sooo good. And soo nice not to cook.

It looked something like this…


…only better…

I’m into Week 6 in the LiveFit trainer and the workouts are really wearing me out.  I’m seeing results; I’m “halfway” through at the end of this week and will try to post some pictures!

Today I did Day 38 Legs and made a new friend at the gym!  I met a girl Monday who reached out to me for help on how to do an “Overhead Triceps Extension.”  I showed her how to do it, as well as some tips on form, and even another guy chimed in with further advice.

We ran into each other again today and realized we were both doing the LiveFit trainer!  She just started this week and is completely new to the gym, weights, and healthy eating.  Go her!!  I know the gym can be SO intimidating to newbies, especially doing weights with all the buff boys hanging around.  Even I get nervous trying new equipment but she reminded me NOT to be afraid to ask for help!!

Most people are really willing to help out and usually love sharing their ‘fitness knowledge.’  If anything, there is always staff who should be able to help you out.  Proper form is so important when lifting so knowing what you’re doing is important.

I’ll be back (more often) later this week with new recipes and workouts!


Have you ever asked for help at the gym or made a new friend there?!