Happy Monday!  I hope you all enjoyed a good Super Bowl weekend.  I feel so out of the loop today because I didn’t get to watch the game and can’t comment on the half-time show OR commercials.  Lame.  I had to work (we were so dead) but I’m not a big football fan so I can’t be too upset.

I had a great weekend otherwise visiting friends in Richmond.

It’s Amanda’s birthday next weekend so we celebrated early!  Some shopping, grilling, drinking, nail painting, and Apples to Apples was involved.  (Can you tell we are getting older…no kegs or all night parties )

I miss these girls so much but I’m so blessed to have them in my life.

In running news…

I finally got one of these for the back of my car…

I’m not a big ‘bumper sticker’ person but I figure 26.2 is a worthy celebration.  I know I still can’t believe I ran a marathon!

Speaking of that marathon…remember that marathon study I was a part of?  I barely do either.  But it was done by grad students looking at changes in VO2 Max, bone mineral density, and body fat percentage during marathon training.

Yes, so long ago but I finally got my results back!  The pre-testing was done during the second? or third? week of training and the post-training results were taken before the marathon, about 12 weeks into training.  Vo2 Max was measured using a treadmill test and bone mineral density/body fat percentage was measured using a DEXA scan.

VO2 Max

Pre-training: 61.1                                       Post-training:61.2

Body-fat percentage

Pre-training: 18.2%                                   Post-training: 16.7%

Bone Mineral Density

Pre-training:  -1.0                                      Post-training: –0.8


So what does this mean for me?  Well that my VO2 Max oxygen capacity improved slightly during training.  I’m not surprised it didn’t go up more because I was already in pretty good shape from my previous triathlons and the type of endurance training I was doing wasn’t really pushing my oxygen capacity.

I did lose some body fat but I was considered in the “athletic range” both pre- and post-training.  My numbers also showed gains in lean muscle mass which honestly I was a little surprised about!  It showed I gained a bit in my arms, legs and trunk so I am glad I kept up with some resistance training while I ran.

I did lose some bone mineral density which is NOT good and surprising giving the positive effects of exercise on bone mineral density.  It might be due to changes in my diet or reduction in strength training but its hard to tell.  -1.0 is borderline healthy but between –1.0 and –2.5 indicates osteopenia and below –2.5 indicates osteoporosis.  This means I am borderline osteopenia which is a precursor to osteoporosis.  I’m going to research osteopenia more and get back to you on ways I’m going to improve my outlook for osteoporosis….so…to be continued!…

Honestly, I would be really interested to see my numbers again after my LiveFit program.  I think I’ll definite improvements in increased lean mass and potentially decreased body fat and would hope that my bone mineral density would improve too.

In training news…

I’ve finally kicked my butt in motion to pin down a 1/2 Marathon training plan for the Martinsville Half Marathon on March 24th.  Better late than never right??  I “started” it last week, 8 weeks out, and fit in the runs to work with the LiveFit program I’m doing.

I based off the program my runner partner Jordan sent me from Runner’s World … their Personal Trainer program.  It’s an awesome program because you can put in your previous race times, what length of event you’re training for, and how much you want to run each week.  I put my miles low each week to fit with strength training.  It still generated a plan with 4 days of running, but I only want to do 3 so I just cut out a short 2-miler scheduled each week.


Today I did LiveFit Day 36 (in the 6th week already!) back workout and for my “30 minutes cardio” I ran 4 miles on the treadmill doing 2 miles at 7:30 pace with half mile warm-up/cool-down and half mile 8:00 mile pace in-between the 2 miles.

The rest of the week looks like this:

Tuesday: Day 37 trainer chest and abs + 3 mile run
Wednesday: Day 38 trainer legs
Thursday: Day 39 trainer arms and abs + 30 min cardio on the elliptical
Friday: Day 40 trainer shoulders + 6 mile run
Saturday: Day 41 trainer legs
Sunday: REST

It’s a lot to keep up with but that’s why a plan makes it so much easier.

Shew that was a lot of training, running, and health information.  Thanks for sticking with it.


Are you training for anything right now?  Do you plan out your workouts ahead of time like me?!