Well last night’s first book club meeting was a raging success.  We spent hours discussing the detailed character interplay, plot progression, and dialogue of The Help.




Okay, not really Smile  We Faked It.

Two of us are only 20 pages into the book, but to my credit, I have at least seen the movie.  However, we did spend hours getting to know each other, gossiping, and relating tales of young-adulthood.  Our host, Rachel, set up a lovely spread of tea, hot chocolate, and homemade scones!


Per her recommendation, I had the Celestial Season’s Bengal Spice tea with milk and it was SO good!  Definitely a nice kick to it.  I’ll be buying my own box soon…

We  set up our next ‘meeting’ and decided to actually bring questions and discuss the book at this point  … some… Smile

I have a new snack you should try!

Cottage cheese + PB2 powder or peanut butter+ chickpeas + dash of cinnamon

I ordered some PB2 powder the other day.  For those who aren’t familiar, it is like peanut flour, ground peanuts that you can mix with water to create a lower calorie fake peanut butter.  No, it won’t be replacing my beloved peanut butter (need those healthy fats and calories!) but I will be mixing it with smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt…and cottage cheese…for a peanut butter kick!

This combo was soo good that I almost forgot to snap a picture before it was all gone!



I followed up my snack with my favorite Fake Kombucha drink.

Have you tried Kombucha before?



It’s a funky fermented tea drink that you really have to have an ‘acquired’ taste for…once you have a taste for it, it’s quickly addicting!  It claims to “detoxify the body and energize the mind.”  I don’t know about all that but I do love it.  Which is unfortunate because each bottle comes with about a $4 price tag.  Too much for my budget.  Womp womp.

Instead, I’ve been making my own with the following:

Seltzer water + Apple Cider Vinegar + ice + splash of juice (optional)

Oh so refreshing and tart!


It is also a very ‘acquired’ taste.

Enough faking it, time to get real.  Gotta head to class and work – Have a good night…almost Friday!


Do you like Kombucha?  Tried PB2?