I mentioned earlier that my eats lately have been a lot of the usual: oatmeal, eggs, salads, chicken, quinoa, rice.  Deliciousness.  But it has been easy to feel stuck in a rut of eating the same foods and combos.

Tonight I came home and was going to throw together the same meal I ate last night: spaghetti squash, with turkey meatballs, and some tomato sauce.


BUT I had the time and thought that I should maybe try to branch out and actually try some of the delicious recipes I have put on pinterest!

So I went to the boards and found these Spinach and Feta Tuna Cakes I had tagged and had all the ingredients too.

I copied the recipe as Kasey had posted and was very skeptical pre-cook.  But after frying these little bad boys up, I knew they would be good…and they were!


It made 4 decent sizes ‘cakes’ but the recipe comes out to only about 300 calories and I gobbled them up!

I also added a side of cauliflower “mashed potatoes” to round out my dinner.

Have you all tried these yet?

I’m definitely not reinventing the wheel here….

I had a bag of microwave steam cauliflower I heated up.  Then I threw half of it in my new little blender (more on this in a post to follow!).  I added a dollop of greek yogurt, dash of garlic, and pinch of pepper and blended away…



Yum!  The consistency was spot on and they tasted delicious.

All together now!



I’m glad I broke out of my rut and tried something new!

I’m off to a book club though…we are reading “The Help” …although I am only 20 pages in, I did see the movie, that counts right?!  ….worst book club member ever Winking smile

What about you?  Do you end up making the same things over and over again?  Tried any new recipes lately you want to share?!