I am straight struggling in the sleep department this week!  bugging.  Overall I consider myself an excellent sleeper and always try to get 7-8 hrs.  I get really sloggish, cranky, and hungry if I don’t get good sleep.

Unfortunately I think waitressing at night is affecting my sleep?  Last night I closed and didn’t get home till 10:30.  Then, I’m pretty wired.  I usually have to have a snack, maybe check emails (trying not too because I know the computer close to bed can be bad).  Then I usually read for a while and even though I’m exhausted, I just can’t fall asleep!

I still woke up this morning around 7:00 (a little later than I usually would) but feel tired already.

I’m glad I have this new tea to get me going a bit.


Morning Thunder.  It just sounds intense.  Just what I need.

I can’t just quit my job (although it would be nice Smile ) Anyone have any suggestions for really unwinding (quickly!) at night or sleeping better??

This morning while I enjoyed my oatmeal and egg white puff, I was skimming through the latest issue of Marie Claire.


There is an article called Meet the Forkers discussing a new diet in France “Le Forking.”  Have you heard of it before?

It’s essentially a diet where you can ‘eat anything you want’ as long as you can eat it with a fork.  So no spoons or knives and no finger foods.  Um.  Okay. …  why?


The author goes through her experimentation with the diet and it all sounds so ridiculous.  She ate poached salmon, roasted tomatoes, and green beans for dinner all the time.  Okay, that doesn’t sound so bad.  But she couldn’t eat avocados and apples and other healthy foods because you don’t eat them with a fork.

Talk about a “fad diet.”  Like we all know, if you cut out foods to the extreme (ie aren’t getting enough calories) you will lose weight but there ARE healthy ways to go about it.

None the less, she was not endorsing the diet in any sense but I think it’s interesting to hear the extremes people go to.  I know losing weight IS hard but don’t make it more complicated by giving up utensils too people!

I’ve never tried any fad diets personally but there are plenty out there and now one more to add to the list!

Have you ever tried a “fad diet”?  Any success with it?