So if you check out the LiveFit meal plan recommendations, you’ll notice it calls for a lot of egg whites.  Egg whites are an awesome low-calorie source of protein and there is a lot of recipes to mix it up:  egg white puffs, No Oat’s Oatmeal, protein pancakes…But a girl does need some variety in life (and those cartons of egg whites can get expensive).  So when the plan calls for ‘egg whites’ I also take it to mean a lean source of protein.

Instead of having egg whites last night, I modified Naomi at One Fit Foodie’s version of a protein mug cake:

I sprayed a mug with non-stick spray.  Added a heaping half scoop of chocolate whey protein powder, 2 T wheat bran, 2 T pumpkin, 1 tsp cocoa powder, and about 2 T egg whites.

01.21.12 002

Microwave on high for 2 minutes and you have an awesome treat.  I topped it with some peanut butter like frosting!

01.21.12 003

This morning instead of my egg white puffs and oatmeal, I made Ashley at The Edible Perspective’s Banana Cinnamon Protein Quick Bake

01.21.12 012

It was good and definitely filling!!

At night I also like to have cottage cheese or greek yogurt with broccoli, pumpkin, or cocoa powder (for either a wholesome snack or sweet treat).

As far as my workouts go..

I’m still sticking to the weight training plan and added in a few days of running for my half marathon training.  I printed out all the workouts and take them with me to record my weight.   I start each session with about a 10 minute warm up on the elliptical.   Here is what last week looked like:

Monday: Day 15 of LiveFit – Legs plus 3 mile treadmill run including interval work (went between speeds of 7.3-8.5 throughout for a minute at a time)

Tuesday: Day 16 of LifeFit – Back and Biceps

Wednesday: Day 17 of LiveFit – Chest and Triceps plus 4 mile treadmill run (maintained speed of 8.1 for .75 mile stretches)

Thursday: Day 18 of LifeFit trainer – Legs plus ended with 10 minutes on the stair mill

Friday: ‘long run’ for half marathon training – 7.5 mi with my friend Jordan

Saturday: Day 19 of LifeFit trainer – abs and shoulders

Sunday: off!!

01.21.12 001

So far I feel the training has all been manageable.  I know in Phase 2 cardio is included some, making me feel better about my choice to run, but I also know the weight intensity picks up!  Hopefully I can balance both…I’ll let you know Smile

I’ve been sticking to the workouts except I did switch up the recommended ab exercises.  I did:

Do THIS AB workout

20 medicine ball pull over leg extensions

20 oblique twists with medicine ball

10 Roman chair leg raises

Repeat above for total of 3 times then do the following:

1 minute plank hold center

1 minute plank hold left side

1 minute plank hold center

1 minute plank hold right side



So anyone out there have any other good recipes for egg whites? Or high protein recipes?