On Wednesday my friend Rachel cooked an amazing dinner for us.  It was a super simple one-pot meal with squash, peas, chickpeas, and couscous cooked with curry for a Indian kick.  It made a ton of food so she graciously send me home with leftovers Smile

Of course I wanted to eat them immediately but I held off and decided to doctor them up a bit last night.  I chopped and sautéed some crimini mushrooms and added in the “Indian couscous mix”.  I cooked an acorn squash in the microwave and then stuffed some of the couscous mix in the squash.  Topped with some more curry powder and greek yogurt…it was delicious!

01.20.12 001


Of course, not all of it fit so it was quite an overflowing stuffed squash.

This afternoon I celebrated National Popcorn Day (a day late but better late than never).  I used my brown bag method and mixed it up by topping it with cayenne pepper and nutritional yeast.

01.20.12 012

GLORIA.  Cayenne pepper packs much more of a kick than chili powder.  If you like heat, you have to give it a try!

The one food my parents and I feed the pups is popcorn so they were super excited when they heard the popping in the microwave!

blog 034

For Us?!

It had such a kick though that I didn’t want to give them too much.  Maggie was annoyed.


01.20.12 005

I’ve had the hardest time getting motivated today…better snap out of it…work tonight!


Have you tried brown bag popcorn yet?  What is your favorite topping?!