You know I love my salads.  There is so many ways to mix it up.  Roasted Taco Salad.  Protein powerhouse salmon salad.  Or some new salad toppers…

Well I think I have a new favorite.

First off, I love sushi.  It started in college when I’d go to Ukrops and get their avocado sushi almost every weekend senior year.  Then when I lived in northern VA it was the veggie combo from Harris Teeter with my roomie Ann.  Or we’d hit up Whole Foods in Clarendon or Café Asia in Rosslyn.  I finally have gotten into ‘real’ sushi the last year or so (ya know, with raw fish!)  There are a few sushi places in Harrisonburg, but none of the cheaper places are any good (no surprise there).  The best place is a little out of my price range for a weekly sushi fix.  Enter the deconstructed sushi salad…

IMAG0254 (2)


Spicy sushi-esque Salad

Layer the following:

-Lettuce mix of choice (I used some baby greens)

-Broccoli slaw

-Serving of brown rice

-Can of water-packed tuna, drained (also would be good with crab meat, shrimp, or chickpeas)

-Sliced cucumber

-Sliced carrots


-Avocado (the CRUCIAL ingredient)

IMAG0257 (2)

Combine as a dressing and pour on top:

-1.5 packets of wasabi paste (probably 1/2 tsp worth) (the second CRUCIAL ingredient)

-2 T Braggs liquid amino acid (tastes like soy sauce)

IMAG0256 (2)


YUM. I loved the kick of the wasabi, creaminess of the avocado, and blend of all the flavors..totally different take on my go-to salad.


Do you like sushi?  What’s the craziest kind you’ve tried?

I tried eel once but was not a fan!