Okay, not quite famous, but I’m sure I’m on my way.  So remembering how I was telling you I was doing some acting yesterday?

I don’t have the video for it yet, but I did a video for the same project last summer and found it on the web!  It’s super silly and embarrassing but a cool project so I figured I would share…

The website “Health Bites” was developed by the VA Department of Health and WIC as an interactive tool for families on healthy eating, physical activity, and other lifestyle choices in families with children of all ages!

This summer I filmed ‘Challenge Questions” for a Family Mealtime segment on the best habits for eating dinner together as a family.  I was a friend stopping by her neighbor’s house when a conversation starts between us.  Throughout the ‘challenges’ one of the actors asks questions about healthy habits and the viewer has to pick the right answer!

You can find me by going to http://www.healthbitesva.org/ and clicking on the “family mealtime” section and playing the “Challenge” (sorry the website wouldn’t let me link directly into the video).

They also feature other videos and activities on each topic.

Yesterday I filmed about “Maintaining a Healthy Weight in Children” where I played a young mom discussing a high BMI, inactivity, and poor eating habits in kids with two other moms.  I get nervous about learning  my lines and being a ‘good actor’ but it went well (although no calls for other big scripts yet).

Fun fact: I was in drama club throughout high school after being in Theater Class in 8th grade.  I was in a lot of the school plays and one act shows but usually just small roles because I knew I wasn’t that good…I had fun with it though!  Never thought it would come back to help me Smile  Below is a pic someone uploaded on facebook of a high school play…I am on the left…I played an ‘infamous sell-out drunk actresses” haha. good times.



So do you have any hidden talents?!