Well the semester is officially full steam ahead and I’ll have quite some busy months ahead but I am feeling focused, prepared, and ready to take on the work…thankfully…(positive focus)…

After letting my egg whites and oatmeal settle this morning, I hit up the gym for Day 9 of the LiveFit trainerBack and Biceps, two of my favs.  I’m so lucky my apartment gym has a cable machine and hand weights so I’ve been able to do all the routines (except legs) at my apartment so far.

The routine looked like this with 3 sets of 12:

Wide-grip Lat Pulldown – level 6*sorry no clue what weight this corresponds to!

One-arm Dumbbell Row – 25 lb

Seated Cable Row – level 6

Underhand Cable Pulldown – level 6

Dumbbell Alternate Bicep Curl – 20 lb X 3 plus 15 lbs X 9

One-arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl – 12.5 lbs X 12

Standing Biceps Cable Curl – level 3 X 3 plus level 2 X 9

* You can see for the dumbbell alternating bicep curl and standing bicep cable curl I am stuck between two weight sizes.  I found a great article in Oxygen magazine last night helping a reader with the same problem.  They recommended either:

-Doing as many reps as you can with the heavier weight then immediately dropping down to your previous weight to finish out your reps
-Finish your full reps with the regular weight and then doing a few extras with heavy weight
-Use your regular weights but then superset with body-weight exercises specific to the part you are working


So obvi I tried the first recommendation where you start with a heavier weight for as many as possible, then switch back down to your regular weight.  hollar.

Getting stronger and lifting heavier.

After I ran for 25 minutes on the treadmill for a little over 3 miles.  I warmed up a bit then did:

1 minute at level 8.5

1 minute at 8.0

1 minute at 7.5

=> repeat as much as you want!

I’m still doing cardio, but I didn’t do any yesterday..baby steps Smile  I also got to watch True Holywood Story on Nicki Minaj.  What a winning workout.

I finished up with a blueberry banana protein smoothie and small sweet potato.

Spring 2011 016

The pups have been stuck indoors a lot the past two days since I’ve had classes and work (bored looks darting at me) so I took them to the park tonight to get some exercise and fresh air…oh and to get me some too!

I came back to make an awesome recipe to post for fish fajitas but once again, I can’t get frozen fish to cook well!  I used a frozen cod filet, defrosted it in the fridge today, and was going to pan fry it but it just got all tough and rubbery. ew.  I put it in my fajitas but promptly removed it while eating.  You know it is bad if I won’t eat it at all.

At least the veggies tasted good…?

IMAG0222 (2)

A mix of fresh onions, mushrooms, and frozen pepper mix.  Definitely recommend using the pre-cut pepper/onion blend from the frozen vegetables section.

IMAG0219 (2)


So I leave you, as always, with a question.  Does anyone know how to cook frozen white fish so it actually tastes good?!