Hello!  ALMOST TGIF.  I bet that feels good to say.  Work is so rough after the holidays.

Speaking of work, I got a new job!  I started last night and I’ll be waitressing part-time.  I’m excited about the stable work (after a slew of part time jobs last semester) but I admit the training and having a new job is stressful.  You have to memorize the menu, service stuff, and drinks… which is a ton!  Glad I started before classes do so I can try to knock all of it out before next week.  Wish me luck!

Oh I also finally got Pinterest which could be REALLY bad news with work and classes starting.  Expect many late nights.. Smile  Once I figure out how to use it that is…None the less, it is blowing up my inbox..thanks to everyone who is following me there now..?? I don’t get it.

Anyway back to you!

So as we enter into the new year I think many people are looking not to change themselves, but rather improve themselves and think beyond their normal routine.

AAH Tip #3: Think outside of the box and invest in yourself to try new things and reach your goals.

Okay, this is such a broad tip I know, but let me explain…Sometimes we get to caught up in what WE want to do, that we forget there are OTHERS to help us.

Sign up for a new class.

There are so many wonderful opportunities out there if you look for them.  Many local parks and recreation will have classes offered in all sorts of things: sports, wellness, cooking, languages.  TONS of Opportunity.  You could also go to a local community college and take a class in something you have always been interested in.  Real Life Example: I signed up for adult intermediate swim lessons one fall at a local high school to refresh/relearn my swimming skills to be able to compete in triathlons (the rest is history and a huge part of my life!)  Another example:  I signed up at a local community college for a Nutrition 101 class…a year later and I was a full-time student to become an RD.

TRI May 2010 138

swimming superstar thanks to lessons

Commit to an event/goal.

Maybe it’s a 5K you have always wanted to run or a sprint triathlon or complete your personal training certification.  Find an event and commit to doing it.  Then you can put a training plan in place and prepare.  Each day you’ll be one step closer to reaching your goal.  Don’t wait around for changes to happen…make them happen.

Spring 2011 008

racing goals: perfect motivation

Invest in a hobby.

Say you’ve wanted to get into photography, start cooking more, eat healthier.  Sometimes these goals take initial investments.  Enroll in that class to expand a skill.  Invest in new supplies if you really need them.  Pay for the 10 class yoga session or 5 personal training sessions.  Once you do so, follow through but realize it might be hard work along the way!

It doesn’t have to cost money!

I understand a lot of hobbies and goals can cost money, money which we don’t always have.  But there are options out there, you just might have to get creative.  One way is to be on the look out in your community for free events.  I attended an open house yoga class with a friend this morning.  Sure, I might not be able to afford the class passes for later, but it felt awesome and is a great push for me to begin my own weekly practice.  Another way is to commit to reach out to others for help or support.  Start walking with a friend for fitness.  Have weekly dinners with friends to branch out to new cooking skills and tastes.  Volunteer!  Anywhere, anything, its such a worthwhile investment.



Chloe is proof anyone can succeed!

Well I hope this post wasn’t overwhelmingly cheesy or lame but I really think we all could use a little motivation once in a while.  Even reading over this, I feel a little extra drive to go for my dreams 🙂

What is one way you are reaching for your dreams today?