Another lovely installment of Anna’sAdventuresinHealth {AAH} New Years Tips.

Tip #2 – When grocery shopping, shop the bulk bins to save money and get valuable whole grains, legumes, nuts, and ad hoc cooking supplies.



I feel like bulk bins used to only exist in organic/natural food stores (and of course the holy grail at Whole Foods) but more grocery stores seem to be including them.

Why are bulk bins so great?  Let me count the ways…

  1. Plethora of healthy food choices!  … word of caution: plenty of not healthy (think of those candy bins – avoid!)
  2. Less packaging = good for the planet.  Many stores will let you bring in your own containers to use.  Score.
  3. Buy only what you need.  As a single girl, I appreciate not having to buy 10 servings worth of an ingredient, especially if I just need it for one recipe
  4. Usually the food in bulk bins are cheaper!
  5. Perfect to get home, prep a batch of whole grains or beans for the week, then store the rest.  Done and Done.


So what do I usually get at the bulk bin section?

-Brown rice
-Popcorn (healthy brown bag popcorn obvi)
-Nutritional yeast…usually to put on the popcorn Winking smile
-Chopped/sliced/diced nuts
-Chocolate chips, dried fruit, coconut to use in a baking recipe (not having a whole bag of chocolate chips at my disposal seems to be a good thing)

bulk bins

Sometimes I’ll just keep the item in the resealable bag I bought it in (if they provide them) or I’ll transfer it to some sort of Tupperware.  If you are really fancy you could invest in some beautiful containers to keep all your food.



In other news, I am doing pretty well with the Sugar Free Challenge (day 4 now!).  I definitely have less cravings and my mood seems more stable (that could also be due to still being on vacation).  I have decided to continue using my whey protein powder, which has traces amounts of sugar in it, because I like having protein after weight lifting and I currently cant afford the kinds without any sugar.

I am about to hit up the gym for day 2 workout of the LiveFit trainer.  Day 2 you ask?  Shouldn’t I be on Day 3?  Oops, I cheated yesterday and went to cycle at the gym (only time it is offered these week!)  I gotta ease into this no cardio thing…

Well as you can tell a. I’m not perfect b. that is a good thing!

So how are your resolutions coming?  Do you shop and use items from the bulk bins?!