My friends and I were throwing together a potluck dinner for New Years Eve.  I got a chat from one of them…”So are you eating meat now or not?”

Ha. Good question.

You might have noticed that I haven’t really talked much about my specific eating habits on the blog yet.  Mostly because I am kind of all over the place.


“Mostly Vegetarian”

“Eat what I want and what my body wants.”

Yeah I get confused too.

For the past two years I have been eating a primarily meatless diet.  I decided to go meatless at the time as a harmless experiment and enjoyed the way my body reacted, so I kept it up.  It’s cheaper, easier on the planet, and if you include a variety of fruits and vegetables, it is definitely healthier.  I continued (and still do) eat fish, eggs, and dairy.  I avoided eating chicken, turkey, beef, other meats or fake meat products.

However, there are times, especially around the holidays, when I eat meat for a few reasons.  Sometimes, honestly, it is just easier on me and for whoever is cooking.  I also have eaten meat simply because I wanted to: roast turkey at Thanksgiving is delicious Smile Last spring I went through a phase of including chicken in my diet as my body seemed to be craving it but I went back to a meatless diet early in the summer.

This type of flexibility is okay with me, but as you might guess, most people get confused and would rather I give a concrete “I’m a vegetarian/vegan/etc” answer.

So where am I now?

I ate chicken and turkey when I was home but have kept this up since.  I am going to continue to make food choices based on what my body seems to crave and what I think is the best fuel for my body.  I still plan on making fruits and vegetables the core of my diet, along with whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats.  I hate to think I make things difficult for those I eat with, but I try to be easy going and respect individual eating preferences.  I guess it is all about balance!

So call it what you will, but expect to see a few more meat recipes on the blog, but hopefully still plenty ‘vegetarian’ options too!

I’d love to know what kind of diet do you follow?  Do you follow social norms or just eat what you want?!