Do you think writing letters is a long lost art?  Given the post office’s financial woes, there has to be something said about people using email and avoiding the postal system.

IMAG0192 (2)

I sat down this afternoon to write some thank you cards for friends and family for Christmas presents. (Good thing I can use my free stamps from yesterday!) Since high school I have tried to hand write thank yous for gifts, especially at my birthday and the holidays.  Email can be convenient for quick ‘thanks’ and ‘hellos’ but nothing beats an actual card.

Recently, I have also tried to be better about also sending letters or cards at random to friends and family.  I mean, how nice is it to get an actual piece of mail?!  Shout out to my friend Jennifer who has always been so good about writing letters, she is my role model.

I was so thrilled to get so many Christmas cards from my friends (especially those with newly formed families).

IMAG0194 (2)

All posted on my fridge…maybe next year I’ll send out my own, even if it is of just my beautiful face Winking smile Well I’ll include Chloe too…!



So if you haven’t worked on thank yous yet for the holidays, I encourage you to do so, and send them in the mail!  … feel free to send a letter my way too Smile


Do you send letters in the mail anymore?