The day started out feeling like a bust.  I left all my family early this morning to drive back to school. Wahhhh…pity party…Classes don’t start till January 8th but I needed to get back to find a part-time job.

I came back to this fun…

IMAG0181-1 (2)

ew. laundry.

So I have to admit that I can sweat profusely when I work out and can only wear my workout clothes once before washing them.  I’ve had some of my sports bras and tops for a couple years (?!) and so even after washing they don’t always seem their ‘freshest’.’


SO I wanted to wash them all extra good and found these suggestions on FitSugar to keep fitness clothes in good shape and get rid of bad stink.

  1. Try to wash your workout clothes immediately after wearing them (not really ideal) but if not then at least hang them out to dry so they don’t sit around all wet getting mildewy.
  2. You can soak really nasty clothes in one parts vinegar to four parts water for 30 minutes before washing them.
  3. Or mix equal parts baking soda and detergent in hot water to get rid of bacteria, soap scum, and stink.
  4. If you choose, dry your clothes on the hottest setting possible.
  5. When all this fails, get RID of those stinky clothes.

I always hang up my clothes ‘to dry’  after working out before washing like so..

IMAG0191 (2)

Today I decided to try the baking soda/detergent/hot water washing combo.  They are drying now but I sniff tested one of my sports bras and honestly – doesn’t smell squeaky clean Sad smile

IMAG0190 (2)


I guess none of you will be working out with me anytime soon. Winking smile Don’t blame you.


In better news, I got some books at the library today and found 5 stamps left in one of the books pages!

IMAG0186-1 (2)

SCORE!  Is it fate or just a coincidence that they were in the book “Spontaneous Happiness” by Dr. Andrew Weil?  Either way, I felt spontaneously happier for sure.  The book is about finding natural happiness (or something super important like that).  I figured I needed all the happiness I could get going into 2012…I’ll let you know how I like it!


Any suggestions for getting rid of stink in fitness clothes? At-home remedies or products?!