Cait at Beyond Bananas put together a survey on her blog highlighting her favorite moments of 2011.  I thought Anna’s Adventures needed a little review of ….

Honestly it has been a tough year overall for me but putting this together really changed my perspective of how blessed I am.  I hope you enjoy 🙂

Favorite Moments of 2011

Once I started going through pictures, I realized I had SO many good times this year.  It was hard to pick favorites but here are some highlights!

summer 2011 060

Completing the TriAdventure Sprint Triathlon in June with my Dad.


My 25th weekend Birthday celebration with all my friends pretending I was 21 again 😉

summer 2011 013blog 017natashas wedding

Weddings!  My friend Lacey and Kevin’s in May, Trent and Natalie’s in June, Becky and Andrew’s in August, Natasha and Andy in October. Ha I just realized I wore the same dress in two (oops major fashion faux pas).


I have to say the “icing on the wedding cake” was being in my friend Amanda and Ryan’s wedding in October and having all my college friends there to celebrate with them!


Becoming an aunt!


Best Vacation

This year honestly didn’t bring too many vacations in Anna’s Adventures.  I definitely enjoyed the semi-annual girls trip to Myrtle Beach with my Mom and our friends Becky and Lynn.



Top Fitness Accomplishments

I think I would have to call this one a tie.


  1.  Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, AL in December
  2. Rockett’s Landing Olympic Triathlon in Richmond, VA in July

summer 2011 063

The marathon was totally unplanned and epic but the Olympic Tri was in my goals for the year and I couldn’t believe I actually completed it in one piece (and loved every second of it).

Posts I Am Most Proud Of

Diet Recommendations for Preventing Cancer

…done while I was supposed to be studying for my Metabolism final but great recommendations for lifelong healthy eating.

…Let me Paint You a Picture…

A quirky post about breaking my camera while having a little too much fun. The artwork is featured in famous galleries across the country.

Healthy Eating for Those Who Don’t Cook

Go-to suggestions for whipping up meals and stress free “cooking”

Killer Full Body Weight Circuit

Think I’ll do this again this weekend…it is a butt kicker.


Top 5 Recipes

blog 029blog 018blog 023blog 015

  1. Brown Bag Popcorn
  2. Healthi(er) Oatmeal White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies
  3. Quick Stuffed Peppers for Two
  4. Kale and White Bean Pasta
  5. Chocolate Banana Protein Oatmeal


Top 5 New Products

  1. Foam Roller … saved my IT band!
  2. Elf $1 concealer
  3. Old Navy running tights (so cheap and basic but have carried me through many races)
  4. Botanie Soap
  5. Bagged kale/greens

…I struggled with this one a bit.  I realized that I’m not much of a ‘product’ girl? I’ll try to buy more in 2012 😉

Again, I really had fun looking back at all the photos from this year..I encourage you to do the same (blog or no blog).  Another highlight from this year would also have to be finally starting my blog at Anna’s Adventures.  It’s been so fun and I look forward to blogging and sharing a great 2012 with all of you!

Enough about me…What are some of your highlights from 2011?!