I’ll be the first to admit that I have been a bit heavy-handed in the cookie jar and bread basket this holiday season.  It’s like I started carb-loading for the marathon and never stopped.  Oops.



How do I feel about it?

Mixed not gonna lie.  I’d love to tell you that I’m fine with living it up, indulging, and enjoying the holidays and that all my continual carb-loading was no big deal.  But let’s get real.  A part of me is anxious about eating too much, feeling like I’m packing on the pounds, and wants the “madness” to stop!

So what am I gonna do about it?

Well I didn’t talk about it on the blog but before Thanksgiving (seems like ages ago) I was doing some experimenting in giving up sugar…In a typical week I don’t eat sugar a lot that’s true…But I really wanted to cut out ALL the extra sugars (no artificial sweeteners either!).  During these few weeks, I felt my energy pick up, my cravings subside, and my stress improve.

What happened then?  Well Thanksgiving, haha…and then my oral report and thesis…and then the marathon…and then finals…and then Christmas…I guess you could say life, but now…no more!

What will happen?  Alex’s Sugar Free Challenge on Spoonful of Sugar Free!  The perfect group support for my return to sugar-free eating.   I’m not looking to diet, count calories, and freak out over every little thing I eat.  But I do want to return to clean eating, whole foods, and less sugar so I can focus on having more energy.



The challenge begins on January 1st and you can read more about it at her website.

I am excited for the challenge and will be documenting how I feel and what I’ve been eating (and not eating) a little more often on the blog.

Think you are up for the challenge?  I encourage you to sign up as well!


Have you been indulging a bit more than usual?  Any advice for how to stop?!