I can’t believe it is actually Christmas Eve tonight!

Christmas celebrations are in full swing around here.


Or full bounce should I say…my niece Meredith..cutest baby ever, just saying.

One of our Christmas traditions is making a Norwegian dish, lefse.  Have you ever heard of it?  It’s a dessert that is basically a mix between a tortilla and potato pancakes.  My Grandpa is in charge of making the potatoes ever year and the family is recruited to help cook them.


It takes a lot of practice to perfect the roll, transfer, and flip.  High tech cooking at its best.  Somehow I have gotten out of actually helping every year.  Watching counts right?!


Thankfully Robert has perfected his skills.

After they are done cooking, you spread it with butter, sprinkle it with sugar, and roll it up to eat.  White potatoes topped with butter and sugar…and RDs dream…(but hey it’s the holidays!)

We also enjoyed a nice salmon dinner and opened presents from my uncle Mark who has to leave town today.  It was fun to get geared up for present opening tonight.  I got some of my favorite soap from a local Montana company Botanie Soap.  I got some last year and LOVED it.   He also got me a sweet running t-shirt from the running group he’s in.  I’ll be sure to get a pic of it!

This morning we hit up spin again.  The instructor played holiday music and had holiday trivia and prizes…awesomeness.  I won the first one!

The question was: why did the Grinch hate Christmas?

Answer: Because his heart was two sizes too small!

I won a little vanilla scented candle.  Nice.

Even more fab was coming home to pancakes!


We used the Hodgson Mills buckwheat pancake mix and added bananas and blueberries.


I topped mine with greek yogurt mixed with cinnamon, a little peanut butter, and some almond milk.  Perfect with a nice cup of coffee on the side.  Happy belly.

I think we are taking Meredith swimming later and I need to get to cooking for tonight.

Happy Christmas Eve Day!


Do you have traditional dishes you make at the holidays?