This morning I hit up the gym for some leg and shoulder weights.  I am determined to increase how often and how much I lift. D.e.t.e.r.m.i.n.e.d.

So I took a few routines from online and modified them to create my own workout. Everything is set in two: two exercises per strength circuit and two minutes of intervals for my run after.

I did the following routine in pairs: the exercise followed immediately by the superset and repeated each pair for a total of 3 times before moving onto the next pair…




Front lunge Barbell 12/leg
Superset: jumping lunges None 30 total
Stiff leg deadlift Dumbbells 15
Superset: Hamstring curls Exercise Ball 20
Step-ups to bench to squat Dumbbells 10/leg
Superset: Single-arm clean and press Dumbbells 15/arm
Seated military press Dumbbells 15
Superset: Alternating front/lateral shoulder raise Dumbbells 16 total

I threw in some hanging leg raises for ab work then hopped on the treadmill for a quick interval run:

Warm-up: 2 minutes walking to slow jog

Sprint 1 minute: speeds of 8.0-8.5

Slower run: speeds of 7.2-8.0

I repeated the sprit/slower run for a total of 20 minutes and then cooled down for 2 minutes.  24 minutes, 3 miles.  Good enough for me Smile


What is it about intervals and strength training that gets my hunger going?!


Afternoon snack: leftover sweet potato, greek yogurt, cinnamon, and some mixed nuts on top.

Mm sweet potatoes are my favorite and maybe its me, but I love them more the next day eaten cold!

Also my favorite forgotten tea.


Celestial Seasons Candy Cane Lane tea.





One of my uncles is heading out of town tomorrow to be with his fiancé so we are doing a little Christmas celebrating tonight… will be like a 3 day Christmas here!  My sister, husband, and cutest niece also made it into town late last night so we finally have all the family together.

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree:  the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.  Burton Hillis


Are you finally off for the holidays?  Are you spending it with family?